We know what gifts women want to receive for V-Day

Leave the flowers and chocolates, it's time to step up your Valentine gift-giving game

Flowers and chocolates as Valentine’s Day gifts are so passé, and you can’t change our mind. It’s what everyone and their mom are receiving, and if you want to give your girl something special and memorable as a sign of your love, simply throwing in a stuffed toy or some heart-shaped balloons might not be enough.

Now you’re probably thinking, “So what do I give her?” Here, we channeled our inner lovesick girls a la Blackpink and listed some of the stuff that we’d personally want to receive from our doting boyfriends to help you out. After all, a girl knows what a girl wants, right?

Symbolic pendant

Infinity Dancing Stone Pendant from Unisilver

Guys, let’s get creative. When we say symbolic, we don’t mean getting us a heart-shaped pendant because you love us. Did you and your SO have ice cream together on your first date? Or is rose her favorite flower? Get a necklace with a pendant that symbolizes those special moments. Show her that you remember the moments you share together or the things in life that make her happy—trust us, it’ll make her feel very appreciated and loved.

Couple necklace

Couple necklace from Me & U

As a wise philosopher that goes by the name of Taylor Swift once said, “Two is better than one.” Make a necklace even more special by choosing one that can come in pairs, so that you and your SO can wear it as a sign of love together. Take your pick from same-design necklaces, interlocking necklaces, nameplate necklaces or necklaces with pendants that complement each other like yin and yang or heart and key.

Charm bracelets

Charm bracelet from Silverworks

Speaking of symbols, why not encourage her to start building a collection of mini decorative trinkets that will remind her of every memory you make together? Charm bracelets are perfect for people who like keepsakes, and the fun thing about it is that you can keep adding more charms as your relationship grows.

Gold Rings

Gold Rings from Three Hearts Jewelry Shoppe

As Queen Bey once said, “if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.” Rings have long been a symbol of devotion, fidelity and love which makes it a very sweet and meaningful Valentine’s Day gift, especially for couples who have been together for a long time already.

Diamond stud earrings

Square Princess Cut Stud Earrings from Imono

Think your relationship is at a stage where rings feel too serious for a Valentine gift, but still want to treat her to something as special or luxurious as diamonds? Get your girl a gorgeous pair of stud earrings instead.

Birthstone jewelry

Birthstone jewelry from Gems and Design

Want to strike the balance between a classic and personal, well-thought-out V-Day gift? Get jewelry pieces with stones that represent the month she was born—and don’t worry, here’s a guide if you have absolutely zero idea about birthstones. It’d be nice to get your girl a full set, but it’s totally up to your budget.

Matching mugs

Couple mugs from Me & U

Does your girl prefer more practical items over gems and jewelry? Call this cliché, but we say get her and yourself a pair of matching mugs. It might not be the grandest gift of them all, but isn’t it cute how it will remind her of you every time she makes a cup of her favorite drink and every time she looks at her work desk after a stressful meeting? We firmly believe that meaningful gifts need not be expensive, after all.

Lovely lingerie

Lingerie from Bench BODY

If you’re looking for a more intimate Valentine present, a set of exquisite lingerie might be a good idea—but only if your girl is comfortable receiving that kind of stuff from you. These days, the role of lingerie leans more towards making women feel empowered about themselves rather than looking pretty for someone else. So, if you’re getting her lingerie, go for the brands or styles that you think she’d like—instead of simply the ones that you would like to see her in.

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