These underwear trends are making rounds on IG—and we’re excited to try them

Wearing pretty undies make us feel confident—no one can tell us otherwise

I’ve always been one to make an extra effort to look good. I take my sweet time cleansing my face, primping my hair and choosing the clothes I’d wear for the day. And for years, these were the only things I do to feel comfortable in my own skin—until recently. I was mindlessly scrolling through IG when I saw this one lady wearing really cute undies. (Well, it was in pastel. Of course, I’d think it’s cute.) Apparently, wearing fancy undergarments is a thing these days. 

No, I’m not living under a rock. I just really don’t put much thought into the undies I wear because duh, they aren’t visible to others so why bother, right? But boy, was I wrong. “It seems to me that when we are wearing undergarments for ourselves, our choice is to be utilitarian, but without beauty. French girls wear a pretty bra. It’s not to be sexy. It’s to be pretty for themselves,” Jamie Cat Callan wrote in her book “Ooh La La! French Women’s Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day.” 

There I realized that all of us should think like a French girl—at least in this aspect. So here are some of the prettiest (and wearable) undies I saw to jumpstart every girl’s undies-to-make-me-feel-pretty collection.

Neon and bright

2-in-1 bra set in red and fuchsia pink. Available at Bench Body

You’re probably staying away from undergarments that aren’t black, white, gray and nude since… IDK, forever. We get it, you don’t want the color of your undies to peek through your clothes—it’s “embarrassing.” But where’s the fun in that? It’s 2021 a.k.a time to tell the world that you don’t give a damn about others’ unsolicited opinion. And what better way to rebel against society than wearing undergarments that are flashier than your actual clothes?

Smocked two-piece underwear in bright yellow. Available at Bench Body

Plus, if Kylie Jenner can wear neon yellow lingerie under her thin, body-hugging white dress, what’s stopping you from doing the same? (Maybe don’t wear it to the office though, especially if you have a corporate job.)

Granny panties

High-rise bikini in black. Available at Bench Body

You were there when vintage clothing rose from the dead and made girlies obsessed with it. (Shameless confession: I’m one of the girlies.) So who would’ve thought you’d still be here to witness granny panties from the 1980s re-enter the underwear community? 

For those who don’t know, granny panties are high-waisted knickers usually made of breathable fabric. Some people think it’s outdated and unflattering—but who cares? As long as it makes you feel comfy, confident and pretty, wear it all you want. Besides, it can help you accentuate your curves and provide warmth on cold days. Bonus: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway wear it. So if that doesn’t convince you enough, then I don’t know what will.


Crossback one-piece underwear in dark blue. Available at Bench Body

Bodysuits (formerly called leotards) were invented by French acrobat Jules Léotard mostly for the use of gymnasts and athletes during the late 19th century. But it eventually gained popularity in the fashion world in the 1960s, when French designer André Courrèges introduced his designs to the public. Since then, bodysuits have become a symbol of women’s liberation.

Low V one-piece underwear in black. Available at Bench Body

The beauty of wearing a bodysuit is it’s seamless, moisture-wicking and breathable. It’s also multifunctional. One, you can use it as regular underwear, and two, as a top. You don’t even have to worry about it bunching, shifting or being untucked. And yes, you can wear a bodysuit even to a Zoom meeting. It’s the gift that you can keep on wearing.

Nipple tape

Disposable silicon nipple tape. Available at Bench Body

Of course, a non-traditional undergarment such as nipple tape should never be missing from this list, especially when some clothes aren’t bra-friendly. You can always go commando, but if you’re not ready to free your nipples entirely just yet, then nipple tape is your best bet. 

But again, it’s 2021. There’s nothing wrong with freeing your nips once in a while!

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