These gaming accessories are must-haves for streaming beginners

We always talk about the best gadgets—but how about the accessories?

When it comes to gaming tips, most streaming beginners often get recommendations of the best gadgets for their rigs. There are many lists about the best computers, smartphones and consoles, but what about accessories that help improve your game and live video’s quality and keep us comfortable while playing and streaming? Sticking with your PC’s default gear might work just fine, but having the right accessories can definitely improve your gameplay for your and your audience’s sake.  


Streaming isn’t just about playing games; it’s also about keeping your audience entertained. One of the easiest ways to do this is by engaging with them via your stream’s chat box.  Reading comments and responding to questions from your viewers can do wonders. Most streamers keep a high-quality microphone on their gaming desks for this very reason. Aside from ensuring good audio quality, consider noise-canceling microphones so that accidentally bumping on your desk or drumming your fingers won’t be distracting for your viewers.


Speaking of viewer engagement, seeing your reactions and emotions while playing a game makes it easier for your audience to connect. Unless you want to be a faceless streamer, you’d need a reliable external webcam that provides crisp image quality. You can also have a ring light on standby, especially if your room is dark. 

Gaming chair

Optimizing your gear to assure that your audience remains entertained is important, but so is ensuring your comfort. Gaming (and streaming it) can take hours, which means you’d be sitting down for a long period. With bad posture and an equally terrible and unsuitable chair for gaming, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with lower back pain


One of the video games that I play often displays a prompt saying “wearing a headset may help improve your gaming experience” and it’s never been wrong. I can hear the approaching monsters and the swishes from my character’s sword even better when wearing a headset, and it allows me to immerse more in the game. And it does show if you’re genuinely enjoying the gameplay when streaming, which could encourage your viewers to play the game, too. 

Headsets are also useful if you’re playing a team game. Instead of typing your message to other players through the in-game chat,  you can just discuss your game plan through a Discord call. All this, thanks to a decent headphone set.

Capture card

Console owners, we hear you. PCs are the most common device used for streaming setups, but there are some of us who prefer playing with our Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation instead. Even though some consoles have built-in streaming capabilities, factors like your device’s power capacity and speed may affect the quality of your game footage. For those who don’t want to switch from their consoles, owning a capture card is a good investment. This accessory helps you record on-screen footage and get it from any device as long as it has an HDMI output. 

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