A thoughtful takeaway for thanksgiving

A retrospective on a very strange year

If there’s one takeaway from the interesting year this has proven to be so far, it’s that even with social distancing and sheltering-in-place measures, the world has never been more connected. Things that happen in far-off places we would never get to see make it to our news feeds, Zoom (and Skype—that still exists) help us stay connected, and you can order basically anything you need or want online with hardly any trouble.

We can all agree that there’s been a lot—a lot of crazy stuff that went down the last few months. With all of December still left for a massive plot twist to take place, now’s a great time to sit down with the people who matter most to us and reflect on the things that have come by to set the tone for the holidays still to come.

Not many people know this but despite it being more of a pop culture reference in modern-day Philippines, Stuffed Turkey Day was once a nationally-recognized celebration, though the actual date and even the sentiments surrounding the event have changed several times over the last few decades before Thanksgiving fell out of favor here.

Conceived in celebration of unity and appreciation for blessings received, Thanksgiving has since crossed many borders and oceans, eventually becoming a way to spend time with loved ones while sampling maybe a bit too much good food. Canada, Brazil, Grenada, and Liberia are among territories that have since adopted the holiday, and considering how connected the world has become, the number of countries taking part is on the rise.

Still, with current circumstances making purely social gatherings ill-advised, we have to make do with the cards we’ve been dealt and find more creative ways to spend time with one another. People are hosting virtual parties and simul-streaming their favorite movies in lieu of hanging out in person. They’re playing co-op games, sharing recipes over Zoom, or sending beautiful handmade cards to show their regard for one another. It’s no substitute for personal intimacies, but at least now you don’t have to worry about people talking over your favorite movies.

And hey, you get to have the popcorn all to yourself this time.

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