Streetwear trends: What we’re dropping and copping in 2021

2021 is going to be a great year for street style, we’re calling it

OK, we know this is a hotly contested topic but here goes: Not everything in streetwear deserves to survive 2020. Yeah, we said it. 

Streetwear’s roots in hip-hop, skate and urban communities celebrate the core values of the street. Real ones know it’s more than sneakers and Supreme tees. So we’ve ranked the stuff to keep and the stuff to drop. 

What we’re kicking to the curb: 

Overpriced anything

Is it still streetwear if it’s US$1,000 for a cotton tee? Only Tony Hawk with a Tony Hawk bank account could cough up the dough for that. But for the rest of us, nah… 

Artificially-scuffed footwear

If there’s anything that’s the antithesis of streetwear, it’s buying something brand new that looks beat up. Don’t pay a brand to make your stuff look lived-in, K? 

What we’re copping:

Bare midriff

OXGN’s monogrammed bandeau is perfect for any season

Daring, check. Too cold to wear inside air-conditioned buildings? Probably. Part of the emerging cutout trend that started last year? Definitely. 2020 introduced us to bolero sweaters that are cut right before the chest, the G-string cut which is built into pants to show off the waist and the hips and the cutout bodycon dresses that literally come in many shapes and sizes. But the bare midriff is a classic that just keeps coming back every few years. This tightly cropped trend is best paired with baggy track pants and windbreakers, and with your favorite sneakers too.

Coordinated pieces

This OXGN worksuit screams effortless style

Streetwear can come off as over the top and flashy to people not in the know. I get it, street style can be intimidating because of the different interpretations you feel like you have to keep up with or the drops you always have to know. Just like any other style, though, streetwear can look impactful with simple pieces styled right. A rising streetwear trend is matching sets. You don’t need a lot of effort to look fly, the set can do that for you. You can just add a quirky hat or a pop of color with sneakers and you’re good to go.

Printed outerwear

This particular set from OXGN comes with a bucket hat that matches the kimono

Many people explored comfortable, cozy and plain loungewear last year, but in the new year, it’s time to return to society with loud and bold prints. We’re sticking to our face masks and face shields so the only way people will know that we’re having fun is by the wacky prints on our person.

Crossbody bags

 Streetwear has always been loud and colorful and this OXGN bag fits right in

We’re here for never using our hands to hold our bags again. The tail end of 2020 re-introduced the tiny bag that comes with a necklace chain for women’s fashion. In 2021, the crossbody bag follows on its heels. Many would go for a sleek and small look like this one from OXGN, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting a crossbody bag that’s just as big as a regular handbag.

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