Spoil your firstborn in the best way

Plan gifts for their birth up to their nth birthday

Expecting your first child is an exciting moment. Suddenly, you’re buying a lot of stuff and planning birthday parties before they’re even born. Some would call it too much, but you think of it as an investment.

For would-be parents who are shopping for essentials and gifts as early as now, here are some suggestions.

Moses basket

The best bed your little one deserves. Available at Mothercare

Family and friends are bound to give you a lot of baby clothes throughout your pregnancy, so it’s better to just get a baby carrier. The Mothercare Moses Basket is best for babies three to four months old. It comes with a foam mattress, coverlet and fitted sheet, so your little one will surely be comfy. 

Kids loafers

Make your kid a fashionista as early as now with this pair of kids loafers. Available at Florsheim Kids

Before your baby starts walking, you should have a pair of shoes ready for them. These soft loafers from Florsheim Kids are easy to wear and walk/run in. They also come in a gender-neutral design! 

Girls’ Grid Lemon Print Strappy Dress

A cute strappy dress for your cute little girl. Available at Gingersnaps

If you’re looking for nice dresses, Gingersnaps has a lot of colorful and printed pieces. This strappy dress is perfect for your two-year-old daughter who likes twirling around. 

Funky Graphic Tee

Keep your child in style even when they’re just playing with this fun graphic tee. Available at Mossimo Kids

Toddlers love running around and playing outside, so it’s important to get them comfortable clothes. This boys’ tee is made from jersey material and is brightly colored. 

Game day at Sports Zone Game Center

What better way to bond with your little one than spending time at Sports Zone Gaming Center?

If your firstborn is old enough to appreciate arcade games, go plan a fun family day with them at Sportszone Game Center. You’re also welcome to play while bonding with your kid.

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