How to spend a merry—but safe—Christmas while social distancing

This holiday season, don’t compromise on living your life

We’ve somehow found ourselves with more free time this year, so of course we’re going to make the most of that. Let’s put those extra hours to good use by coming up with things we can do together while still respecting each other’s personal space. Here are some things you can do to make this holiday season more memorable than years past:

Find your way out of a virtual escape room

Escape rooms aren’t the first thing you might consider when you’re trying to maintain social distancing, but some intrepid artists have found ways to make it work in the comfort of your own home. Given that escape rooms often require good communication between teammates and cooperation, there’s hardly a better way to bond (or get under someone’s skin) than this.  Nothing spells “holiday” like having fun while yelling excitedly at each other, of course.

This  stressful curse-themed room comes out to 1,201 pesos per head, and comes with live support to make sure your group gets just enough of a challenge to make things fun. But you can also check out these Harry Potter and Minecraft-themed Google Docs rooms for free if you’re just getting your feet wet.

There’s no shortage of great online rooms for you to try out, including screen sharing one of the many classic Flash game escape rooms still out on the web. Better hurry though: Adobe is killing Flash support soon so you may not be able to relive those early internet years for much longer.

Play a competitive game together

Whether you’re a diehard FPS veteran, love exploring fantasy settings replete with magic and intrigue, enjoy getting the pants scared off you, or have massive nostalgia for the tabletop games you grew up with, there are video games out there for your every need. What better way to show people you trust them than to share the experience with them? 

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is a yearly event where you can compete in new weekly challenges for limited-time rewards

Games like “Overwatch” have seasonal events to help you get into the spirit of things. Somehow the notion of seeing ghosts in “Phasmophobia” wearing Santa outfits is utterly terrifying.

Wine and dine at a distance

Many online retailers offer an assortment of miniature spirits to help you find something that piques your palate without the risk of leaving you stuck with something you find distasteful. For those who like to pair lavish meals with good liquor and even better company, there’s not much that can top tucking into a Christmas spread with friends while sharing tasting notes and jokes. You could say that the good food and camaraderie is emblematic of the holiday “spirit.”

Nope, I’m leaving that pun there. You’re welcome.

Of course, what good is a wine and dine without anything to dine on?

Aside from  a great many places where you can order in or dine out all year round for nibbles that go with your selection of apéritifs and/or digestifs, you can have an excellent morcon or beautiful plate of paella even if you’re not willing to put in the work (Abe’s morcon is always a good option). Nothing beats the taste of home this time of year.

Chances are, you might not have everything you need to make a truly remarkable noche buena feast to cap off what has been a remarkable year, but there’s always  an easy way to get your hands on it, no hassle.


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