Score these WFH must-haves at a discounted price (before they sell out)

Elevating your 9-to-5 space can come in the form of tiny little luxuries

After a year of living that pandemic life, many have fully transitioned to a work- or school-from-home setup. We know that the work we do at our space can get stressful. Sitting on the chair and staring at screens for hours on end can get exhausting—so creating a space that’s conducive to learning or working is all the more important. And we’re all advocates of self-care and a better way of doing things. 

This time however, we want to go beyond the essentials and focus on little luxuries that can make the at-home experience better, whether an antidote to back pain, sleepiness and stress. 

Special seat cushion 

Meetings on top of meetings and one class after another mean spending hours on your chair, especially if it’s a hard one that can cause bad posture and back pain. A simple solution? A seat cushion. A good-quality cushion can give your back and tailbone that much-needed support, making long hours in front of the screen a little more comfortable. 

You can get this Japanese Tatami chair from Surplus Shop for 50% off at the SM Malls Online app or via SM Call to Deliver on Viber or Facebook Messenger. Besides being a floor chair, it can also double as a seat cushion.

Coffee maker

We all have days when we get exhausted and sleepy. There will also be times when we can’t be bothered to get up and go to the kitchen to prepare coffee. So you might want to invest in a handy and convenient coffee maker you can keep by your table. And for good reason: Coffee can help boost energy and, naturally, enhance and heighten focus while working or studying.

Purchase this Hyundai Coffee Maker at The SM Store for only P1,899.75 via SM Call to Deliver on Viber or Facebook Messenger. It has a 1.25L capacity that can serve up to 10 cups of coffee. Now you won’t have to whine about consuming not enough caffeine.

Special scented candles

If you often find yourself stressed and tense while working, lighting scented candles can help offer some glorious relief. Scent Studio offers scented candles such as sweet pea, fresh bamboo, juniper and basil and ginger lily for 20% off if you purchase it from the SM Malls Online app or via SM Call to Deliver on Viber or Facebook Messenger. You can also get an additional 20% off when you use the voucher code WELCOMESM20.

Scents and fragrances are so powerful. Just look at the appeal of aromatherapy for those who need to clear their mind. And did we mention that you can find candles in oddly fascinating shapes and forms?

Neck and back massager

Another way you can relieve tension (in the muscles, at least) is by getting yourself a neck and back massager. Believe it or not, you’re already putting so much tension and tightness on your body just by scrolling through your phone or typing on your keyboard—or even just by sitting for long periods of time. So pick up a neck and back massager you can keep close by your desk.

Surplus Shop has an electric 3D neck and back massager you can get for 50% off at the SM Malls Online app or via SM Call to Deliver on Viber or Facebook Messenger. It’s made of synthetic leather and mesh material that has an advanced heating function.

Being cooped up in your room or office all day and week can take a toll on your mental and physical health. But there are ways you can do to make it a little better. Sometimes, they just come in the form of small, fun and helpful luxuries.

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