Po’s secret to finding inner peace? Scented candles

The many benefits of having scented candles

We’re pretty sure that whether you’re a noodle shop owner or a world-renown Kung Fu master, the wears of everyday life can build up over time and weigh you down. While there’s no cure-all solution for everyone involved, scented candles never fail to help melt the stress away.

Though often overlooked, a person’s sense of smell actually plays a massive role in our life and our experience of the world. Both familiar and exotic scents have verifiable effects on our moods, and given how things have been lately, we could honestly use every means and avenue to help keep a zen state of mind. 

The hand-poured Floral Blossom Orange Better Goods Scented Candle by Bench is a refreshing start to any morning

Most people already know that our sense of smell plays a crucial role in experiencing the taste of food and drink. This is why many things taste bland when we’ve got a bad cold. Here’s a fun fact though: While they are primarily handled by the olfactory bulb in our frontal lobe, scents also have a direct line to our limbic system, the part that deals with emotion, memory, and feelings. Ever notice how coming across a scent that was prominent in your childhood almost always ends up waking some dormant feeling deep inside you?

Vetiver Lavender, Ginger Grapefruit and Citrus Vanille scents from Assembly Philippines carry an air of calmness

Whether it’s nostalgia for an ice-cream flavor that’s been many years gone, or a brisk breeze that brings back memories of vibrant, sunlit days, there are candles for nearly every occasion and feeling. Part of the fun and wonder of scented candles is coming across new scents that evoke dormant thoughts and inspire emotions you wish to explore.

When candles take too much effort, a Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup and Warmer from Yankee Candle can help change the mood in a second

In recent months however, the experience of scent has been put at risk, its loss being one of the many symptoms of a coronavirus infection. Scented candles are currently fighting a bit of an uphill battle right now because there have been floods of scathing reviews and drops in sales following the spread of COVID-19. So whether it’s for an occasion or just to show someone you care, why not pick up a lovely scented candle and leave a good review while you’re at it? Spread a bit of goodness and happy vibes especially now when people could use a bit of a pick-me-up.

Now if we could get Master Shifu a box or two to calm him down when Po acts up…

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