Feeling mentally under the weather? Power-walking might be the cure

Your mental health will really benefit from you being up and on your feet

Cycling and yoga have gotten so much hype lately, especially among people looking for stress-relieving activities that also benefit them physically. We agree that these are great and effective picks, but let us offer you one very underrated activity: power walking. 

Aside from its physical benefits like lowering the risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, this simple activity is also good for your mental health. Compared to running or jogging, the unhurried pace of power walking helps you clear your mind, find your center and get back to your senses.

With less sweat and less effort required, it’s a chiller way to relieve yourself from stress and muscle pain after sitting at your desk all day. It also increases your concentration and creativity, which is perfect for instances when your productivity hits a snag. 

So what are you waiting for? Get up and let’s do some power walking! We’ve prepared a checklist of what you need to keep in mind for a quick yet enjoyable jaunt.

Make sure to pace yourself

Watch from Garmin

Relax, you’re not in a marathon. While speed walking is good for you in terms of a physical workout, it’s also important that you maintain steady breathing and don’t overwork yourself. To balance these two, pace yourself as comfortably as possible while also keeping track of your strides per minute. 

Seiko watch from Time Depot

Watches that count your steps would be really helpful for this, but regular watches can also do the job well. Just take note of how far you’ve walked in the neighborhood within a certain period to help you measure your power-walking progress.

Put on your trusted footwear

Heda Chain Toe Thing in All Black from FitFlop

The good thing about power walking is that it doesn’t necessarily require you to wear your best rubber shoes—or even put on socks. 

Mojo Rebirth III – Habagat

If you’re aiming for an all-out brisk walk, then sure, you still need the cushioning and good arch support that walking shoes provide. But if your only goal is to clear your mind, you can just leisurely stroll around the neighborhood with slippers on.

Take note of the time

Casio Watch from Time Depot

Trying to get inspired after hitting a creative block? Or are you simply clearing your mind after an exhausting hour-long meeting? Aside from helping you count your strides per minute, a watch would also come in handy in keeping track of time if you’re only taking small breaks from work for things like this. 

Bring your own bag

Yasmin Sling Bag from Egg

Slightly bending and gently swinging your arms is actually advisable for power walking, so it’s best that you keep your hands free of any belongings. We recommend you strap on a belt bag or take a sling purse to hold items like your towel, phone and wallet while you exercise.

Turn the music up

True Wireless Stereo Earphone from Memo Express

What’s a walk without some background music? Aside from your favorite bops, we’ve heard that classical music actually sets a dramatic, movie-like atmosphere (in your imagination, at least) for your daily runs and walks. Spin this playlist that lets you live out your royal fantasies of running around a castle or simply blast the soundtracks from “Bridgerton” on your earphones.

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