Your pet’s hygiene is more important than you think

Turns out they need regular grooming just as often as we do

Why groom your pet?

The sporadic lockdowns and social distancing measures implemented over the last year have been essential, but also deeply inconvenient for both us and the little balls of fluff that brighten up our lives.

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Unless you’re more of a fish, lizard or insect person, your pets need fur cuts just as badly as you need haircuts after a few months without grooming. Moreover, there are an assortment of hygiene problems that you generally don’t run into as a human observing basic self-care, like bits of… digested food debris getting lodged in hairs growing along your backside, or irritating ticks that get stuck on you like an old Paramore album.

Who you gonna call?

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Besides aesthetics, professional grooming can also spell the difference between a healthy pet and one that needs urgent attention. Dogs, for one, can actually ingest fleas that carry tapeworm eggs during self-grooming. These fleas can be hard to spot outside of behavioral indicators and are surprisingly resilient, which is why proper application of measures to address the problem at each of their developmental stages is important.

Cats, which are generally fastidious about keeping themselves clean, may stop grooming themselves with little to no warning. There are an assortment of probable causes including stress, old age, illness or obesity. At the end of the day any abrupt change in habit from under-cleaning to over-cleaning that could result in fur loss or skin sores needs immediate attention from experts.

These are all factors that can adversely affect your pets in both the short and long-term, especially stress considering how lifestyle changes could cumulatively worsen the problem. Often, it’s making small repetitive  changes that help pets in general settle in and feel more at home, changes that can help improve their quality of life and extend it besides. 

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