Move over, itty bitty succulents. We’re planting indoor trees now

You’ll need bigger pots for these plant babies

Succulents had their time to shine last year when first-time plant parents spruced up their pandemic bubbles with low-maintenance floras. Especially for those who don’t have green thumbs, these little desk plants were the safer (and less heartbreaking) option because they are less likely to “die” from causes like dehydration or lack of sunlight.

But as we’ve learned more about raising plants, we think it’s time to challenge ourselves with bigger babies to take care of. Enter indoor trees. These little giants can grow over five feet upon maturing despite being potted, which means you’d probably need to have bigger (and taller) spaces like your living room’s corner to accommodate these plants.

Rubber tree

Rubber tree from Dietrich Scheller on Pixabay

Not only can the vibrant green and glossy leaves of a rubber tree liven up any room, it’s also a good option for first-time indoor tree parents. It only requires minimal care like smaller houseplants, including a weekly watering schedule and a nice spot under medium or bright light conditions. You only need to keep its soil moist for it to thrive—easy, right?

Bird of paradise

Want a flowering plant to jazz up your living space? You can take your chances with the bird of paradise plant, which produces orange flowers with the right light, humidity and temperature. This tree’s appearance is perfect if you’re aiming for an indoor jungle aesthetic, and it thrives under bright light and normal room temperature.

Umbrella tree

Umbrella tree from Severin Candrian on Unsplash

Umbrella trees may look familiar to you because of their “relatives” like the umbrella grass plant, which is also a popular houseplant. Capable of growing to reach your house’s ceiling, it only needs to be watered once in a while, and they would rather have dry soil than be overwatered. Make sure to place it under medium light because its leaves may burn under bright and direct sunlight or grow spindly under too little light.

Parlor palm

The parlor palm is one of the most beginner-friendly trees to grow indoors because of the minimal care it requires. Aside from not needing frequent watering, it can tolerate low-light conditions and low temperatures, which makes it suitable for busy people who live in apartments and condominiums.

Money tree

Aside from being a tough plant to “kill,” the money tree is also popular for bringing good fortune in feng shui. It does not like excessive watering and being moved around, so you don’t really need to monitor its condition frequently. It can grow around three to six feet indoors, which is only a small fraction of how tall it can get in the wild.

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