Move over, glass skin. Cloud skin is the new trend we’re sporting

We're all for that "lit-from-within" look right now

After all the hype around the clear, poreless and “transparent” effect of glass skin, here comes another rising beauty trend: cloud skin. Promising an ethereal and radiant glow sans the wet look and shine, cloud skin emphasizes a soft and dreamy effect that balances dewy and matte textures for your skin. Its sheer finish and balanced glow and opacity make it perfect for Zoom meetings since you won’t have to worry about lighting conditions affecting the way your face gleams on the screen.

But why, exactly, is it called cloud skin? 

The beauty trend takes inspiration from the light and soft appearance of clouds while still locking in a good amount of moisture.  Using lightweight or translucent powder to create a matte look and combining it with hydrating foundation for a moisture boost, you can achieve an overall delicate finish. Blending is key for making these products work together, and so is using light and airy strokes. 

Make sure that you start with a dewy and hydrating base to give your skin a “lit-from-within” look. Facial oil works best for this, followed by a luminous moisturizer to even out its wetness. This finishes the “dewy” stage of your cloud skin look.

The next step is to mattify your skin, easily done by dabbing setting powder on five important areas: the hollows of your cheeks, inner corners of your eyes, nose, chin and upper forehead or hairline. You can also dust powder along your jawline to give your cheeks a little extra shine.

To add another texture and dimension to your skin, you can apply concealer using a fluffy brush or blending sponge after putting on the setting powder. This will give your skin a creamy look, which you can cap off with a light dusting of sheer powder afterward.

The powder should be enough to give your skin its glow without needing a highlighter, but you can still use one as long as it’s transparent and shimmer-free.

You can also add color to your look by using lip tints or moisture-matte lipsticks and creamy blushes. Opt for lighter shades like baby pink or coral, instead of bold, dark red and plum, and apply these products as softly and delicately as possible.

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