More than the usual sunscreen: Everyday items for that extra SPF

Buff up your sun protection arsenal with these everyday items

Sunscreen has always been our best friend every time we need protection from the sun’s UV rays. Its necessity can’t be overstated as an important part of everyone’s skincare routine, especially in tropical climates.

But not everyone likes the thick and heavy formula of sunscreens, especially in the summer when the sweltering heat can make things extra sticky. Although sunscreens are still our best bet for sun protection, here are other items to have that can help shield us from UV damage.

Item # 1: Clothing

Aside from being stylish and comfortable, clothes are actually our first line of defense when it comes to the harmful rays of the sun. This is obviously because the fabric shields our skin from direct exposure to sunlight by acting as an additional layer to penetrate. 

But did you know that the darker your clothes are, the more protection your skin can also get? According to studies,  shades like black and navy blue absorb UV rays more than their white and pastel counterparts.

Since the local weather is very hot during summer, choose clothes with lightweight and breathable fabric. Summer-proof your wardrobe with comfy and fashionable clothes from ForMe online via the SM Malls Online app.

Item # 2: Umbrellas

Do umbrellas completely protect us from the sun’s harmful rays? No, not really. But it’s still an extra layer of protection for us wherever we go, so there’s no harm in allocating space for it in our bag.

Just take note that it can’t block scattered or diffused UV rays, so it’s better to use it together with other sun-protective items. Just like most things that provide shade, umbrellas only block direct UV rays and it even depends on their material and size. So if hiding from the sun is our goal, we should stay away from clear, plastic umbrellas and go for ones with opaque fabric in dark colors instead. 

Item # 3: Sunglasses

The skin around our eyes is a delicate part of our body, making sunglasses essential for sun protection. It is both a protective and fashionable accessory, and we can even customize its look through different lenses and frames to match our outfits or aesthetics. 

For sun protection, it’s a good idea to look out for eyewear with light-adaptive features like photochromic lenses that automatically darken when exposed to sunlight. Shop for eyewear like these on Ideal Vision at SM stores or online via Call to Deliver on Viber and Facebook Messenger. 

Item # 4: UV-blocking beauty products

Instead of using sunscreen separately from our primer, foundation and moisturizer, save ourselves from that extra step by using beauty products with UV-blocking properties too. Since SPF-containing products actually have lower sun protection coverage than regular sunscreen, it would be better if most products in our skincare routine have UV-blocking properties to actually do the job.

After all, our choices aren’t limited to products that serve as a makeup base for our faces. These days, even creams, lip balms, facial mists, lipsticks and hair mists offer sun protection, too. These multi-purpose products make it easier (and cheaper) to address our skin woes, make our skin look healthy and protect our skin from the sun. 

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