Menswear for women? Here are 4 style hacks

This is for the ladies who keep stealing their boyfriends' hoodies

Who says menswear should exclusively be for men? Women can rock them too—sometimes looking even better in them. Plus, there are women who love the bigger sizes in the men’s department. Why do you think they keep borrowing their boyfriends’ hoodies and T-shirts?

If you’re looking for menswear pieces but don’t know how to style them, we have tips for you.

Wear with jeans or shorts

Memo Crew Neck Tee: A classic Memo tee that comes in multiple colors and designs. Available at Memo

Regardless if a shirt fits you or it’s a little bigger, you’re free to wear it with jeans and shorts. You can also tuck your shirt in if you’re not into the loose tee look.

Layering is key

Arrow Men’s Tapered Fit Patterned Short Sleeves Shirt. A cotton buttoned-up shirt from Arrow that’s comfortable and breezy to wear all day. Available at Arrow

It’s simple: Get a buttoned-up men’s shirt and pair it with a sleeveless or spaghetti-strap top. This can help keep you warm or just add another style layer to your outfit.

A spin on business and formalwear

Daniel Hechter Basic Slim Fit Suit with Welt Pocket: A dark-colored suit jacket from Daniel Hechter with a lapel neckline, button fastening and multiple pockets. Available at Daniel Hechter

Do you have an important event coming up? Get dressed in a sleek blazer or suit jacket from the men’s section. You can do your own spin on a tux or go the bold route and layer the jacket over a lace bralette. 

Get cozy

Giordano Men’s Camo Printed Von Hoodie: With a camouflage design, this Giordano hoodie is soft and will keep you protected from rain and harsh rays. Available at Giordano

We all have those lazy, no-makeup days, especially now when most of us are wearing masks and face shields outdoors. An oversized men’s hoodie is a cozy piece to wear while running errands or while chilling at home.

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