Live-in harmony: 5 ways to be the best housemate

Years of playing 'The Sims' trained you for this

Let’s be real: Living with a housemate is both fun and cost-efficient. And no, we’re not just talking about significant others. Your fellow housemates can also be your close friends or family members.

While moving out and living alone is the goal for some, the independent life can get stressful (i.e. dealing with bills and home maintenance alone) and can also have a negative effect on one’s health, according to Harvard Health. If you’re looking to live with somebody else soon, we have five tips on how to be the best housemate.

Help with house-hunting

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Being a good housemate starts with this, especially since you’re going to be living in this space, too. Start bookmarking links to vacancies or drive around with your housemate/s to find your new home.

Respect each other’s space

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Boundaries still matter even when you’re under one roof. When it’s time for one or all of you to work from home, don’t barge into their space without consent. If possible, get yourselves separate workspaces as well.

Do the chores

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Chores can cause some tension at home, so be sure to do your part. Let’s say you’re in charge of sweeping the floors every day—get that broom and clean. If your home has a carpeted floor, be sure to use a vacuum cleaner.

Take care of your dirty laundry (literally)

Don’t have time to wash your clothes? Leave them at laundry shops like Wash N’ Dry and Wash N’ Wear. Both have convenient services for washing, drying and pressing clothes for you. That way, you won’t hassle your housemates with piles of dirty laundry.

Make food for them

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Whether it’s cooking dinner or baking cookies just because, show your appreciation for your housemates with food.

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