I’d live in Booksale if I could: 4 reasons why

This budget-friendly spot has been part of most of our lives

Growing up, I remember my dad always taking me and my brother to bookstores. While he’s browsing shelves for new books to read, we would do our own exploring and light reading until it was time to go home. Sometimes we’d leave with a book or two as well.

One of our go-to stores until now is Booksale. It’s not as big as the other bookstores we’ve been to, but we could be in there for an hour without realizing it. The store has become sort of a second home for book lovers like myself. Here are a few reasons why Booksale has become so beloved.

Budget-friendly and rare finds

Whether you’re a working adult or a student, there’s bound to be a book that fits your budget. You might even find books and magazines that you won’t see in other bookstores at low prices. Don’t feel bad about splurging on several items at once. You deserve the treat.

Free reading

Most of the books in Booksale aren’t sealed, so you’re free to skim through the pages before buying them. Or you can do some quick reading to pass the time.

A great hangout spot

Do you need a place to meet up and go book shopping with friends? How about a date spot? Booksale is always a good idea. It’s also a great way to get to know the people you’re with based on the books they like reading.

You can find other items, too

Booksale doesn’t sell just books; it also has school supplies and toys. If the kids at home need anything for school, drop by the nearest branch. You can also let them browse and read books while you’re there.

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