It’s time to rethink your summer beauty regimen

Summer-proof your beauty routine with these easy to-do tips and tricks

The sun is out, the heat is here. Is there a better way to be greeted by summer? With those two in the equation, it’s high time to make some changes to your beauty routine. Here, we’ll share six tips to keep your skin cool, your hair healthy and your body bangin’.

Tip # 1: Use tinted sunscreen instead of your regular foundation

Beauty gurus often swear by a light and natural base when it comes to summer makeup. The reason: Humid weather can melt your base a little faster than usual. You obviously don’t want that heavy and oily feeling on your face the whole day. 

If you want added sun protection for your everyday summer look, use tinted sunscreen instead. It’s a multi-purpose product that can replace your moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation. Beginners and those always on the go will love how easy it is to slather on. 

We recommend: BLK Cosmetics Skintint Sun Shield SPF 30, Happy Skin Rescue Me Sun Gel Primer and Belo SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++. Score these items online via The SM Store’s Call To Deliver on Viber and Facebook Messenger.

Tip # 2: Use facial mist for added hydration (and glow!)

With the intense heat we always feel during this time of year, we need all the hydration we can get. Facial mists are the answer to this problem. While some people may think they’re just repackaged water, this product actually has multiple benefits: It retains moisture, it contains multiple good-for-the-skin ingredients and it can be used before and after makeup.

We recommend: Fresh Formula Facial Mists (different variations for different skin needs), Fresh Skinlab Collagen Face Mist and Human Nature Hydrating Face Mist

Tip # 3: Wash your hair with a cooling shampoo

The summer heat can do a great deal of damage on your scalp, making hair dry and dull. Stay fresh by taking showers with a shampoo that leaves a cooling and minty sensation on your head. That way, you’ll still be feeling fresh soon after you step out of the shower. 

We recommend: Clear Ice Cool Menthol Anti-Dandruff shampoo, and Head and Shoulders Cool Menthol Shampoo. Get these online via The SM Store’s Call To Deliver on Viber and Facebook Messenger.

Tip # 4: Put your hair up

Sometimes, the heat can get a bit too much and make your hair stick to your face and body. To avoid this annoying feeling, tie your hair up instead. Go for ponytails, buns or even braids when you’re out and about, or even when you’re just chilling at home. These hairstyles keep your hair out of your face and away from your neck.

Tip # 5: Cotton and linen are the way to go!

Cotton and linen have always been the fabrics everyone reaches out for during summer—and for good reason. These airy and breathable fabrics are the best things to wear whenever it’s hot inside and out, as they keep the heat and sweat at bay. What’s great about clothes made from cotton and linen is that you don’t even have to always wear sleeveless or short to feel cool, making it a versatile fabric to wear anytime.

We recommend: Uniqlo Linen Cotton Shorts and Uniqlo Airism Cotton Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Tip # 6: Drink your eight glasses

Of course, what better way to keep yourself cool than with a glass of water. Water is our main source of hydration anyway. It regulates body temperature, prevents headaches and helps combat dehydration, which, in case you didn’t know, dulls the skin and allows dead cells to stockpile on the surface. You wouldn’t want to sport a lackluster complexion simply because you eschew this life-giving liquid, right? 

With these tips, you’ll surely be able to survive the scorching heat and the seemingly endless summer days—in style, on trend and in a breeze.

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