Want a new hobby? These instruments on sale are easy to learn

Start saving those instrument tutorials on YouTube now, we’ll focus on music this year

“I think I’ve seen this film before and I didn’t like the ending.” 

This line from Taylor Swift’s “Exile” is exactly what we’re feeling right now—except our (quarantine) story hasn’t ended yet. Instead, it just went full circle. Around this time last year, we were busy baking, cooking, journaling or doing anything to distract ourselves. We’ve tried every quarantine trend there is and followed every hack and DIY tutorial on YouTube just to pretend everything’s fine.

We really didn’t expect to go through the same experience this year but here we are. We’re pretty sure watching TikTok videos or whatever we did in 2020 won’t work anymore though. We need to find something new to keep ourselves sane (and feel a sense of normalcy somehow). Our reco? Learn a musical instrument. Not only will it keep our mind off things, it will also improve memory, build self-esteem and boost cognitive skills.

Piano or keyboard

You probably know how to play “Happy Birthday” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the piano and for the longest time, you didn’t think it was necessary to learn more than that. But hey, now’s a perfect time to take advantage of your free time at home and level up your (barely there) piano skills.

Casio WK-6600 76 Keys Workstation Keyboard from Crescendo

You may get Crescendo’s Casio WK-6600 76 Keys Workstation Keyboard for only P14,990 (40% off its original price) if you purchase it via the SM Malls Online app. Random fact: Most music producers use this type of keyboard when composing songs. So you might as well start music production while you’re at it.

Electric guitar

If you’re one of those people who constantly tell themselves they’re going to learn guitar “soon” but always end up not learning anything, for the love of Jimi Hendrix, do it now. Take this as a sign to finally act on it. “But I don’t have a guitar.” Well, good thing this Severo Electric Guitar from Lyric Piano is on sale right now (P3,999 only) and just waiting for you to purchase it. You can even get a Dickies guitar strap (which usually costs P690) for free. 

Severo Electric Guitar with free Dickies Guitar Strap from Lyric Piano

Why electric guitar, you ask? Experts say it’s easier to play than an acoustic one as it is slimmer and its strings are lighter. However, if you really want an acoustic guitar, you can always choose from Music Gallery’s collection. Visit your nearest branch now or call 8876-1111 for delivery and pickup at SM.

Acoustic violin

Contrary to popular belief, violin isn’t that hard to play. Sure, it takes time to fully master the instrument but it’s relatively easy to produce a decent sound on it. In fact, it’s listed as one of the easiest instruments to learn—especially when you only plan to play it as a hobby. 

RJ Basics ½ Violin Package from RJ Guitar Center

Get this RJ Basics Violin Package at RJ Guitar Center for only P2,999. Besides the violin and bow, the package also includes a gig bag and a rosin. It’s made of a basswood body with a spruce top and a comfortable chin rest, making it perfect for both beginners and professionals.


The ukulele is arguably the easiest string instrument to learn. Due to its small size, you won’t use as much wrist tension as you usually would with other string instruments. It is light and easy to hold, and its nylon strings are gentler to the fingertips than pure steel or brass (which are usually used in guitars).

Carlton Concert 23” Ukulele from Musikwizard

To start your ukulele journey, purchase this Carlton Concert 23” Ukulele from Musikwizard for only P949. Call 8876-1111 for delivery and pickup at SM and get ukulele picks, an instruction booklet and a ukulele bag for free.

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