Innisfree’s 2 new K-beauty collections should be in your summer haul

“Cute and versatile” and “refreshing and eco-friendly” describe these two products best

K-beauty enthusiasts, listen up: Innisfree has released two new cute and refreshing collections that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Gen Z, millennials and millennials-at-heart who are fans of multi-purpose makeup with eye-catching packaging will surely love the new look of the No Sebum Mineral Powder, one of the beauty brand’s flagship products. Meanwhile, the Upcycled Carrot Hand care collection is perfect for eco-conscious consumers who value sustainability even in their skincare routine. 

Here’s what you should know about the two collections—and why you should add them to your summer haul, stat.

Makeup with a dose of uwu

Innisfree x Dinotaeng No Sebum Mineral Powder

Can you believe it’s been 15 years since Innisfree’s No Sebum Mineral Powder first made its way to our makeup kits? Because this sebum-absorbing must-have holds such a special place in our hearts, Innisfree is celebrating its anniversary with a special limited edition collaboration.

Together with famous Korean illustrator Dinotaeng, the beauty brand is presenting five new playful and minimalistic designs and scents for the No Sebum Mineral Powder. All in pastel packaging, the makeup collection comes in the following variations: fresh lemonade, juicy peach, vanilla pudding, grape soda and mint candy.

Innisfree x Dinotaeng No Sebum Mineral Powder

The designs from the Innisfree x Dinotaeng collaboration feature the artist’s three signature characters: Quokka, which is inspired by the “happiest animal on Earth”; Bobo, a gummy bear-like character; and Marsh, a soft and fluffy-looking character inspired by marshmallows.

Like the regular No Sebum Mineral Powder, the Dinotaeng cushion makeup line removes excess sebum to keep you looking fresh throughout the day. It also has the product’s signature lightweight and clear finish to make your skin look soft no matter what.

Aside from looking cute, these products are also versatile and can replace your eye primer, dry shampoo, blotting paper and body powder. Convenient for keeping your daily beauty kit light, isn’t it?

Innisfree x Dinotaeng No Sebum Mineral Powder

The Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder limited edition collaboration with Dinotaeng is available for P390 each for a limited time only, so make sure to get it online ASAP via Call to Deliver, ShopSM and Look

The first 50 buyers will also receive a free cushion mirror per transaction for free.

Skincare with upcycling at the core

Innisfree Upcycled Carrot Hand care line

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—and we hope that people would think the same way about food. 

“Ugly” or misshapen produce, even if they are perfectly edible and still nutrient-packed, are among the food waste that accumulates in dumpsites everywhere. But for its new Upcycled Carrot Hand Care line, Innisfree wants to show that there is value in these discarded products.

Although it’s the key crop of Jeju Island, around 100 to 200 tons of carrots are still being disposed of after harvest because of their “ugly” appearance. But these products are still rich in beta-carotene that helps improve the skin turnover cycle for softer and smoother skin. It would be a waste to just let them go.

Upcycled Carrot Hand soap

So, Innisfree transformed these “ugly” carrots into refreshing and non-sticky hand soaps and hand creams for your K-beauty collection instead. Enriched with vitamins and minerals from the veggie, these products hydrate and moisturize the skin with a sherbet formula that nourishes dry and rough hands. Bonus: The hand soap and hand cream even smell like freshly picked carrots!

Upcycled Carrot Hand cream

Get Innisfree’s Upcycled Carrot Hand Care products online via Call to Deliver, ShopSM and Look. Buy each of the Upcycled Carrot Hand care products and get a limited edition Earth Day eco bag for free as well.

innisfree eco bag upcycled carrot line
Free eco bag with Innisfree’s Upcycled Carrot Hand care products

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