How to stay sane when stuck at home

If you’re stuck home alone, and dying to escape your new humdrum lifestyle, a change of pace is a great way to combat cabin fever. If you haven’t hopped on quarantine trends such as the quarantine glow up and home baking, maybe it’s about time you did. Here are other ideas to break out of that jail sentence feels: 

Rediscover old hobbies

Just when you thought the pandemic would finally give you time to try out new things, you find out that it isn’t any easier than your pre-pandemic life. So instead of looking for new hobbies, why not rediscover old ones? Pick up your instrument that probably accumulated more dust than under your bed or clean that crusty old paintbrush and color in your sketch you’ve drawn a couple months back. Living alone gives you the privilege to suck at something… without feeling embarrassed. 

Get into new genres

Ever been curious about K-Pop or anime but were too hesitant to take that leap of faith because of the fear of judgement or being teased? Don’t be. Remember: “Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.” Enjoy your new picks and don’t deprive yourself of the joys of the world. Keeping yourself in a box is just as suffocating as being stuck at home. Keep discovering. Delve into foreign films and music and you’ll discover that a language barrier can’t stop you from feeling emotions. The same goes for EDM and classical music. You don’t need to understand the words or have lyrics to be touched by art—though there are subtitles and translations for a reason. Nothing feels better than joining new [online] communities to combat feelings of isolation. And chances are, a lot of those in your circle have hopped on the anime and K-Pop trend ever since quarantine started. Ever heard of “Attack on Titan”? 

Enroll in an online class

To those who have extra time on their hands, why not enroll in an online class for a change of pace? Try learning a new language such as Korean to better immerse yourself in your K-Pop playlist, or learn sign language to help bridge future communication gaps. No need to limit your interests to the academe or practical courses because now’s the time to take up what interests you. With everything going online, you’re bound to find a class that suits your taste—you may even find some for free on YouTube. Curious about astrology? Go ahead and look it up so you can finally understand astrology memes and why people keep blaming their bad attitudes on the planets. Broaden your knowledge and you’ll find yourself connecting with more people.

Start your workout journey

Exercising is not limited to gym equipment so make the most of technology and go subscribe to a fitness app, or load up some free workout videos and get grinding. Working out does not have to be intense all the time so go at your own pace and stick to a routine that works for you. Whether it’s three times a week or a 15-minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercise every day, you’ll find that these little additions create big results. Find a workout buddy, and join fitness groups and challenges so you can combat the loneliness while working on a healthier you. Get that serotonin and that quarantine glow up!

Learn how to cook

There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough for fast food. If you didn’t have time to learn how to cook for whatever reason, now’s the time… to make time. Learning how to cook is an important life skill and money saver as well as a great way to ensure you’re getting enough of the nutrients you need. Moreover, home-cooked meals are great for those who miss home. Start with the basics and work your way to more complicated dishes. You’ll find that cooking restaurant-worthy food gives you one of the biggest feelings of accomplishment. Don’t be afraid to post your masterpieces and share recipes with others. Maybe send some food over to your family and friends and have a virtual meal together. After all, food is best eaten together.

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