4 things every newbie bag collector should know

Yas! Go secure those bags, sweetie

Let’s face it: Anyone can be a collector without extensive knowledge of bags. But it’s still pretty much impossible if you don’t have commitment… and a hell of a lot of money. Have you seen celebs-turned-vloggers flaunt their collections on YouTube? Yeah, none of those bags looked below a grand.

But eff society, really. Here’s how you can be a collector without stressing and splurging too much.

Determine your budget

CLN offers Patience Pouch for only P299. It comes in 10 colors: black, beige, red, white, navy, orange, yellow, tan, gold and classic monogram

Before you do anything else, figure out how much you’re willing to spend on each bag. FYI, a bag can cost as low as P300 or as high as P190 million (yes, you read that right). But you can actually set your price limit at P5,000 and still have endless options to choose from. 

Pick a theme

Trust Backpack is functional but fashionable. It comes in three color ways: beige/brown, black/black and coffee/brown

As much as you’d probably like to buy every cute bag you see online or in store, don’t do it. That’s not how it works, especially if you want a cohesive collection. Ask yourself: Do I want to go by color, style or purpose?

Diplomacy Handbag in red. It also comes in black and beige

If seeing the color red empowers and motivates you, then maybe having an all-red collection will work for you. Or if you prefer functional bags over fashionable ones, might as well be a utilitarian bag collector.

Just remember to weigh your preferences first before finally deciding which theme speaks to you (and your wallet) the most.

Start with a handbag

Fortitude Handbag with double top handle and cellphone and card slot. It comes in three color ways: black/maroon, brown/black and nude/brown 

We all know it’s a classic. Nothing (and we mean nothing) could ever go wrong with a handbag. It goes well with any occasion or outfit—be it formal, casual or even street. You just have to know how to pick the right one among your choices. 

Here’s a little tip: Leather is one of the most versatile materials out there so we suggest kickstarting your collection with a fierce leather handbag.

Never buy a knockoff

We get it, one of your biggest dreams is to own a Chanel or Hermès someday—but please don’t ever buy a knockoff

First, it’s not worth it. Most knockoffs don’t even look anywhere near the original. Second, it doesn’t last. This is self-explanatory—we all know knockoffs are made of poor materials. Third and last, selling knockoffs is illegal. You’d technically be an accomplice to the crime if you buy one.

Selflessness Sling Bag with detachable long strap and cellphone and card slot. It comes in four color ways: beige/green, beige/nude, black/black and beige/brown

Besides, there are brands out there that offer high-quality bags at low prices and they deserve all your support. CLN, for one, is known for it.

Starting today, practice paying for quality instead of the brand name. (If you really want to own at least one expensive brand, wait until you have enough money for it.)

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