How to get that K-Pop fan aesthetic

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just trying to unintentionally [not!] exude aesthetic like my idols

Hey there, fellow K-Pop stans. I’m back at it again with a K-Pop inspired article today. And today’s topic is: how to be an aesthetic K-Pop fan. There’s an endless list of why we love our idols and I’m sure we can all agree that one of them is the aesthetic culture they’ve created which allows us to live our cute and edgy fantasies in reality. If you’re on stan Twitter, Instagram or have searched K-Pop aesthetics on Pinterest, then you know what I’m talking about: pastel colors, glitters, stickers, and minimalism. Let’s get on with the guide!

Personalized phone cases

Personalized strap from Name Fairy Personalized Items | Clear phone cases from iStore

This has to be one of my favorite trends on stan internet. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing that I find myself scrolling through Pinterest just looking at other people’s phone cases as if I were online shopping. Why buy a generic phone case which many people probably have when you can make one specifically for you and your bias? It’s just like scrapbooking but on your phone, and you get to show it off all the time! Level up your mirror selfie game with an aesthetic phone case that says I’m a K-Pop stan, this is the love of my life and I am not ashamed to show it. For this project, you’ll need a clear phone case or at least one with a clear back, lots of cute stickers, printed photos, washi tapes, and your creativity—resin is optional but it’s great for preserving your phone case. I do suggest planning your design beforehand before sticking them on to avoid any regrets. Add on a pop socket or some personalized strap and you’ll find yourself gushing at your phone case as if it were an official merch.

Decorated photocards

Instax Share SP-3 from Colours Foto | Kodak Photo Paper A4 230gsm High Glossy from Office Warehouse

If you’re a K-Pop fan, then you know just how precious photo cards and polaroids are. Unique to K-Pop, these official merchandise make you feel a tad bit closer to your idols. Ever tried passing off one of your polaroid as a photo of your boyfriend to a non K-Pop stan? No?… Anyways, decorated photo cards are in and they’re just so visually appealing. Go ham it up with your glittery, felt, and puffy stickers. Let your creativity explode ’cause excessive is better in this trend and your K-Pop idols think so, too. Let’s keep this between us but fans do a way better job than their idols at decorating photo cards, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Here’s a hack: If you can’t afford a photo card or signed polaroid, make one. Photo paper, Instax printer, printing services, there are a lot of ways to work around it. What matters is that the love is there.

K-Pop binders and journals

Pearlescent bando notebook from National Book Store

A rising trend I see is the K-Pop binder or journal trend. Art journals and bullet journals have always been a thing but K-Pop stans have taken it up a notch once more (I mean, when don’t we?) and have gone crazy with the decorating and personalizing Often opting for refillable journals, these K-Pop inspired journals’ designs are not limited to pages but have incorporated personalized keychains and knick knacks to decorate the binders. There’s t something about K-pop inspired projects that you just know it’s K-Pop. Perhaps it’s the baby blue and lavender colors and shiny star stickers? Combine your two favorite interests into one aesthetically functional piece of work; indulge in your K-Pop world as you improve your mental health with writing. Not only will you end up with a scrapbook-like masterpiece, but you’ll also have a great aid for the bad days.

K-Pop-inspired Makeup

Beauty Pop Cream Blush in Spice from Penshoppe

I’d like to say a big thank you to the K-Pop industry for proving to the world that makeup, glitter and the words ‘pretty’ and ‘soft’ are not just for girls. Elevate your everyday look with K-Pop-inspired or Korean-inspired makeup. My personal favorites are the dewy look and peach palettes which work well to enhance one’s natural beauty and experiments with playful looks and warm tones, respectively. Have fun with glitter and maybe even stick on some gems; makeup is an art form to express one’s individuality.

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