How to experience the beach without traveling this summer

Miss the sun and sea already? We got you

It’s been two summers since most of us have last visited the beach, and the yearning to feel the sand between our toes and hear the calming sounds of waves once again is too real. But just because it’s not advisable to travel to our favorite seaside destination doesn’t mean we can’t have an enjoyable and relaxing getaway this season.

Here’s what you can do to ease the summer blues if you miss the beach already—and nope, no long road trips required!

Build your own backyard pool

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Having an indoor pool is probably the best way to bring the beach to your home, but not everyone has the money or space for that. Here’s the closest solution: Inflatable pools for as low as P299.75 on the SM Malls Online app. You can go for kiddie-sized ones, but there are also pools that can fit the entire family for a total summer getaway experience.

Complete the mood by bringing beach equipment like swim tubes and beach balls and wearing full swimming gear, like bathing suits and swimming goggles.

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Create a beach-themed photo display wall

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Surround yourself with your favorite summer memories by hanging snapshots from your previous trips to the beach in a special space in your room. Simply print your photos, put them in pretty frames or have them laminated and arrange them creatively on the wall. You can even use seashells or nautical-themed decorations to boost the summer mood. Look up aesthetic wall pegs on the internet, get a GBC Laminating Machine for 10% off at Expressions and start crafting this nostalgia-inducing summer project now.

Have a seafood feast

Beach trips are never complete without freshly caught seafood lunches. Although we won’t be able to feast on grilled fish with the soft crash of waves in the background, we can still relive the beach experience by indulging in scrumptious seafood at home or at our favorite restaurants.

Enjoy unlimited servings of shrimp, crab, tuna and oyster dishes as well as  Filipino favorites like calamares and kinilaw for only P399 at Seafood Paradise’s eat-all-you-can buffet. There’s no time limit to finish your meal, so you can savor delicious seafood as long as you like.

Jam to your favorite beach tunes

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“Summer Nights” from the “Grease” soundtrack, “Summer” by Calvin Harris, “Power Up” by Red Velvet—these are some of the best summer tunes we can name from the top of our head. We’re pretty sure you have your own selection of songs that remind you of the waves and seashores, and it might just be the secret to beating the beach blues you’re feeling this year.

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