Is it time we stop the pambahay clothes phenomenon?

House clothes that won’t make you hesitate to run out during a fire drill

If you’re anything like me, then you’re someone who values comfort above all else…

but fashion!

Staying locked in at home with nothing much to do other than binge watch Netflix shows got me thinking: Isn’t it about time we stop that phenomenon called pambahay clothes—you know, those grungy worn-out oversized shirts or loose dusters whose main appeal is comfort?

Ever found yourself jealous of people you see on screen who look amazing even when they’re just lounging at home? I know I have (though shoes on the bed is a big no for me). Okay, not to be extra vain or anything, but I think it’s about time we start curating our outfits at home. Hear me out, what you wear and how you feel in your clothes hold a big influence on how your day goes. So might as well make that simple change to improve your every day.

Statement shirt from Penshoppe

Home is supposed to be the place we are most comfortable in, and that includes how we dress, but who says comfort can’t come with style? Scientifically speaking, we spend around 70 percent of our lives at home, even more so now that we’re going through a pandemic, so I don’t see why we can’t invest in our house clothes. Even house shirts can be improved by swapping your old class t-shirt for witty statement tees that resonate with your current mindset. Or what about simple shirts that give off a more mature vibe? Don’t worry about letting go of your beloved shirts as someone out there will appreciate them just as much (we are encouraging you to donate your old yet still functional clothes!)

One Band Fur Sliders from Penshoppe

Still wearing those dying flip-flops you had from 7 years ago? Maybe it’s about time to move on, let go, and step up your slipper game by moving over to slides. Personally, I find slides so much more sophisticated looking and I believe they make my feet look and feel better. Moreover, you can avoid those popping toe thong (yes, that’s what you call the Y-strap) accidents and possible calluses.

Plaid dress from Penshoppe

Tired of your old, patterned duster? Go ahead and wear that new dress you’ve been itching to wear but can’t because you’re stuck at home. Who says you can’t? Your house, your rules. For a more relaxed feeling, we highly suggest going for a shift dress for that breezy, girl next door feel.

Pullover from Penshoppe

On days when you’re just not feeling it, coordinating sweats or chic sweaters are the way to go; they feel just like your reliable pajamas but cooler. They are not just quick solutions to lazy days but they give off that cool street look even though the only place you’re strolling to is the fridge.

Track set from Penshoppe

Again, to be clear, we understand that not everyone shares the same preferences. If some people feel comfortable in their old P.E. uniform, who are we to tell them no? We’re all about empowering others and giving them unabashed self confidence. You do you!

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