What makes a WFH space effective?

It’s not just about the tech, it’s about the surroundings, too

Seven months into quarantine, and you’re probably still trying to figure out how to create a good WFH space. You think your six square meters of space at home isn’t conducive to work? Nah. Contrary to popular belief, a big space doesn’t automatically mean effective space. You can actually be productive in a cramped room. You just have to know your way around it.

Choose a permanent corner for your WFH setup

LED Smart Bulb from Mi

Do you want it beside your bed or on your bed? Or maybe by the window? The empty corner of your living room could work, too. Regardless, you have to establish some sense of familiarity with your workspace. Display something that will remind you of your job. If you have a succulent on your desk back in the office, it’s probably best to have a succulent on your WFH space, too. Trust me, this will help you fall into your work habits easier and faster.

Stick to your office schedule 

HP Probook 440 G7 from Electroworld

Act as though you’re still working from the office. Eat lunch and go back at exactly the same time you would at work. If you usually take an afternoon 15-minute break in the office, do it at home as well.

Invest in a decent web camera

MSI laptop from PC Chain Superstore

We’ve entered a time when we have to meet people through the screen. You’d like to make great first impressions with clients, wouldn’t you? So buy an external webcam. Great first impressions are nothing but a dream if all they see is a pixelated version of you.

Have two devices (if possible)

Realme c2 from Audionet

Obviously, your laptop (or desktop) alone can’t do all the work for you—especially if you’re in a video meeting and you have to reply to an important work message or apply a last-minute revision to your briefing deck or whatever deliverable that is. That’s why you always need to have a second device ready. Scared your phone might dampen your productivity? Just remove all your leisure apps from your home screen and replace them with your work apps. It takes a whole lot of self-control, for sure.

Secure high-speed internet

AC1200 Wifi Router from Rackspace

Don’t forget to check on your ISP because honestly, all these tips will go down the drain if you have crappy internet. PLDT Home Fibr provides internet speed for up to 300Mbps that will allow you to open several websites at once without any speed issue.

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