These are the statement-worthy elements our homes are missing

Redecorating doesn’t have to be drastic

If there’s one good thing that staying home has given us, it’s more time to organize our space. You know, those things we couldn’t do because we were busy with work, dealing with commutes and other outdoor activities. Sure, many of us miss how things were, pre-pandemic, but others have started redecorating to deal with cabin fever.

Redecorating doesn’t have to be drastic—you can change up your home in small ways by adding accents or replacing old, worn-out furniture. Need some ideas? Keep reading!


A teakwood bookshelf that can add a vintage touch to your living space and home office. Available at Abrillo Furniture

Are you the type of bookworm who’s having trouble storing your ever expanding collection of books? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to get a bookshelf. This wooden bookshelf has enough space for over 10 books and also comes with a storage box for other knick knacks.

Coffee table books

A wide selection of books that’s great for everyone’s budget. Available at Booksale

Booksale is probably the best place to find unique books at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for novels to read or books to adorn your coffee table, there’s something here for everyone.

Side table book

A book on showing compassion  and a guide on improving one’s relationship with God. Available at St. Paul’s

Some people like to read inspirational and enlightening books before they sleep. “Cup of Compassion” is a spiritual book that delves into one’s relationship with God. Aside from its uplifting insights, the book’s bright yellow cover adds color to your side table (or any surface)

Photos near your heart

Photoline has a safe and contactless way to print out and deliver your photos

Are you feeling sentimental? Contact Photoline to print high-quality photos of your loved ones and some of your favorite memories. Just email them the file and your details, and they’ll deliver your printouts in no time.

New portraits

Do you need a family photo? This package offers a free photography session in Great Image’s studio and multiple copies for your home

Photos are an easy way to add a personal touch to your space. Gather your loved ones for a quick photo session so you can frame the photo and spruce up your bare wall.

DIY photo decor

An Instax camera that produces 1:1 square photos in a snap. Available at Mitsubishi Photo

Here’s another way you can utilize photos: Use an Instax and shoot away. Since you’ll get photos printed right away, you can instantly frame them, make a collage, or just stick them on your walls. You can also get Instax film with different designs to further customize your photos.

Electric guitar

Make great music with a classic Cort CR250 electric guitar, which delivers authentic vintage rock sounds. Available at Lazer Music

For music lovers out there, learn how to play the electric guitar and use the instrument as an accent for your home. What’s great about owning a colorful electric guitar is it can add some vibrancy to a room when you hang it or stand it in a corner.


A spacious computer table where you can assemble your PC, use your laptop, and prepare documents. Available at Office Warehouse

Stop working in bed and get a computer table. This one from Office Warehouse isn’t too bulky and can hold up a full PC rig. If you don’t have a PC, you can use your laptop on it as well.

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