Move over, minimalism. Grandmillennial is taking your spot

No one can stop us from bringing back those granny-chic decor trends

Did any of you go through a phase when you were so obsessed with minimalism—or was that just me? I swear, there was a point in my life when I was so in love with this trend that I even dreamt of owning a minimalist black and white home

Before y’all attack me though, minimalism is great (I wouldn’t be obsessed with it if it wasn’t). But there are other styles that deserve our recognition, too. 

Yes, I’m talking about the grandmillennial style. And I bet my cassette tape collection some of you haven’t even heard of the term yet. Your minds are probably going haywire right now: WTF is a grandmillennial? So let me do the honor of untangling the knots in your brain. 



Grandmillennial style (a.k.a modern traditionalist) is modernizing stuffy and outdated designs or items. It’s a combination of trends from your grandparents’ generation and merging them with more contemporary references. To put things into perspective, grandmillennial is like wearing your grandpa’s vintage shirt tucked in a pair of ripped jeans.



This style is ideal for people who love customizing vintage stuff at home. Bring back skirted tables, crochet, oriental carpets, lace, blue-and-white porcelain, ruffles and maximalist vintage wallpaper to life while incorporating millennial touches to it.



Bold patterns are vital to grandmillennial style. You can have as many patterns and colors as you want for your floor, wallpaper, pillow cases, couch, chandelier and drapes in one room without engulfing the room in overwhelming multiple motifs. It relies heavily on your creativity and imagination.


So… what do you think about grandmillennial? Is it your cup of tea?


Header Image Credits: Flaunter on Unsplash


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