House plants for the thrifty plant parent

There’s nothing better than a cheap but worthy purchase

House plants can be like tattoos or piercings: once you get one, you can’t wait to get another until your body’s a beautiful network of meaningful skin art. Or in the case of plants, until your home is a literal greenhouse. But amassing houseplants can leave a huge dent on your bank account and savings, so it’s important to shop smart and well. 

Navigating the ocean of online resellers, established plant breeders and remote garden shops is easier if you know what you’re looking for. And if what you have in mind are sturdy, reasonable and inexpensive plants to widen your collection, then you’ve come to the right listicle. 

Below P150 

Moss Roses

Moss roses store water well, so don’t go overboard with watering

Moss roses, sometimes known as Portulaca, are low-maintenance flowering plants that thrive in dry climates. Moss roses come in many different colors and for only P50-P100 per piece, you can buy as many as you can to fit your place’s specific color story or brighten up a drab workplace. 


The best trick to vamp up a simple succulent is to house it in a quirky pot

Novice gardeners and people who are terrible at keeping plants alive would love succulents. They’re extremely easy to care for and can withstand difficult environments. They also come in several varieties to liven up your collection. Simple bulb-shaped succulents cost around P80 while flowering succulents or those that have intricate patterns can come up to P150.



Caladiums can come in many colors but the most common ones are green, white, pink and red

The allure of caladiums lies in its lush multi-color leaves that can grow bigger than your palm when cared for properly. Caladiums don’t need a lot of sun so P150-P250 can get you pretty far in populating your condo or dorm with these colorful and leafy plants. 

ZZ Plant

In a NASA study, ZZ plants have been found to be excellent purifiers, so hooray for fresh indoor air

If you’re running out of table space for your small to medium-sized plant, a ZZ plant can be your next step in maximizing your floor space for only P200 to P300. This plant, with its wide and dark green leaves can grow up to three feet tall, perfect for brightening up corner spaces especially when placed against plain-colored walls. 

Ti Plant

The color of the Ti plant’s foliage can fade when not given enough sun, so keep a close eye on it

Some people may know the Ti plant by other names like Hawaiian good luck plant, miracle plant and tree of kings, and I get why they’ve been blessed with those monikers. The Ti plant is a great choice for an accent plant because of its colorful leaves, usually pink, orange, white or green. Ti plants love the sun and if you have a sunny area, don’t hesitate to spend P200 to P400 for a bright splash of color. 

P400 and above

English Ivy 

English Ivy is evergreen, so you don’t have to worry about it going brown—just as long as you take care of it

The English Ivy, whose price usually ranges from P400 to P700, is a plant that can climb up walls and ceilings. However, you don’t have to have a specialized wall built for this one as it can also thrive while hanging in cold and low-light environments

Janet Craig 

Janet Craig plants prefer warmer temperatures so when setting them up, make sure they’re not directly in front of electric fans or aircons

Usually Janet Craigs reach a height of 15 feet when grown outdoors, but indoors, it’s a manageable floor plant that can grow up to two to four feet tall. The price of a Janet Craig plant ranges from P500-P800, depending on its size. 

Lady Palm

Lady Palms don’t actually exist in the wild and were cultivated by humans as houseplants

For P700 to P1,500, you can get a Lady Palm as an elegant addition to your houseplant collection. The fronds of a Lady Palm plant often grow out in a fan shape, so it’s a good choice if you want your plants to have a variety of looks. Care-wise, Lady Palms are durable and can adapt to almost any condition.

Are you ready to start your budgetarian greenhouse? You can find many of these plants, as well as the proper gardening tools you need at SM Mall of Asia’s Greenhouse by the Bay. If you’re a newbie plant parent, you can check out this little handy guide of tips you have to remember and if you’re still on the fence about starting your own plant collection, here’s a reason to convince you: plants can keep you sane and are scientifically proven to make you happy.

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