Here’s what we’re copping from the Enciso sisters’ style challenge

Sibling rivalry has never been this stylish (and so Pinterest-worthy)

We’ve finally put 2020 behind us and, with it, all the outfit ideas we had for gatherings that never were (because we took the pandemic seriously and stayed inside our houses, duh). Spending a big chunk of last year at home and in your comfy pambahays might have taken your mind off style and fashion, especially because this year doesn’t look too different from last year. 

Enter the three-minute styling challenge with Vern and Verniece Enciso. The fashion vlogger sisters battling it out to see who could style an outfit the fastest just might make you rethink your stance on not dressing up for yet another year. So we’ve done the work for you and rounded up some pieces inspired by their styling challenge that can definitely make you want to dress up immediately—yes, even if you’ll just be staying home…again.

From Vern

Corduroy everything 

Fall 2020 resurrected corduroys—and we’re here for it, even in 2021. The versatile fabric can be worn as comfortable wide-legged pants like Vern did, but if you’re looking for a quick and effortless outfit, why not go for corduroy overalls?

Rain boots

It has become socially acceptable to wear rain boots sans rain, so for this year, a sturdy and fashionable pair of rain boots might be worth looking into. Boot styles like the Flat Chelsea which are form-fitting and comfier because of the low heel are also a big trend this year, a big win for comfy footwear advocates.

Color-blocked bucket hat

We love a good fashion flashback moment and bucket hats just reek of ’00s nostalgia. This cool and laid-back headgear has been seen on multiple fashion icons, from Megan Thee Stallion wearing a bright red version to go golfing to Jennifer Lopez pairing her bucket hat with a floor-length dress.

From Verniece 

Knit sweaters

Hey listen, we’ve been having such good, cozy and cold weather lately that it makes everyone think about pulling off the charm of fall fashion. Unfortunately, we’re a tropical country so we can’t always rock padded coats and thick knit skirts but when the opportunity comes, you better believe we’ll be rocking knit sweaters like there’s no tomorrow. It’s rare that we get good weather like this, so make the most of your cold-weather wardrobe while you still can. 

Tinted aviators

2021 has a colorful upgrade in store for classic aviator frame sunglasses. You might already have a pair of aviator specs just like Verniece’s but consider swapping the lenses for tinted ones. 2021 is a great year for bold colors in fashion and that means everything, even your accessories. 

Retro sneakers

This year is looking like a good year for avid sneakerheads. Trends like high tops, sporty dad shoes and classic canvas shoes are all in for the season, expanding your shoe-buying horizons. One trend you have to take note of? The retro look. Retro-looking sneakers started to climb their way up fashion lookbooks last year but the trend is going to become even more visible this year. 

Want to see more of Vern and Verniece’s styling antics? Watch the video below to get a taste of the Enciso Sisters’ competitive nature and to pick up on their favorite fresh looks. 

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