All You Need: The Perfect Gifts For That One Friend Who Wears Eyeglasses

If you’re on the lookout for gifts for that friend who wears eyeglasses, they’re sure to love the items we’ve listed below! 

It’s officially the Christmas season! You know what this means? Going online or running to the nearest mall to frantically shop for gifts. Odds are that you have friends who wear glasses. If you didn’t already know, wearing glasses in the name of 20/20 vision isn’t exactly the best experience. Make life a little bit easier for your friend with these holiday presents! All you need to do is #ShopAtSM!

Magnetic Clip-On Sunglasses

Magnetic Glasses

Many prescription eyeglass wearers change glasses for different purposes — for the sake of style and blocking the sun. While driving, they might use a different pair to block out the bright rays and put the other pair on when going out to see things clearly. 

Gift the Magnetic Clip-on Sunglasses Over Prescription Glasses from Eye Crafter Optical. Head over to their branch today to check out the Parim collection of fashionable clip-ons that offer a convenient way to transform the everyday prescription eyewear into stylish sunglasses. 

The strong magnets are discreetly attached to the sun lenses to protect the eyes from harsh sunlight and can be tucked away easily when heading indoors. Trust us, your friend will love it because it stays in place even during physical activities

Crystal Glass Frames 

Crystal Glass Frames

Crystal, glass, transparent, or clear frames — it doesn’t matter what you call them. These frames are quickly becoming the choice of fashion trendsetters across the world

Although crystal glass frames have been around for a long time, their minimalism and elegance have caught the attention of many eyeglass wearers today. This can be partly because the transparent frame looks great with any outfit! 

The stunning Crystal Edition Frames from Owndays make the perfect gift choice. Choose from the Niche collection designs such as Wellington, Boston, Browline, and Boslinton. You can also get the cute pastel color Fox, which will look great on Filipino skin tones. Rest assured your friend will make a bold fashion statement with any of these modern frames. 

A Stylish Eyeglass Case

A Stylish Eyeglass Case

Your friend’s life-saving eyeglasses deserve the protection of a stylish case. If those eyeglasses get cracked, you just might find your friend panicking while searching the floor frantically! 

Get these Cases For Change from Owndays. The store partnered with charities to promote animal welfare, environmental protection and child empowerment. When you buy a collaboration case, 100% of the sales will go to the non-profit organizations to support their causes.

Choose from hard cases with special designs inspired by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), World Wide Fund For Nature Philippines (WWF) and World Vision Philippines (WV).  Think about your friend’s style preference to choose the right design for him or her. 

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth

Eyeglasses require cleaning often because of the dirt and fog that can accumulate on it. This is exactly why your friend reaches for his or a nearby paper towel when there is a chance. However, this method of cleaning can scratch the lens and damage the eyeglass quality. This is why microfiber cloths are your no-fail holiday gift. 

Try the ZEISS AntiFOG Kit from George Optical. Inside the kit is a microfiber cloth and an anti-fog cleaning solution. The best part? The solution is not limited to eyeglasses, it can also be safely used for safety glasses, helmet visors, camera lenses, swimming goggles, and even gadget screens. Talk about value for money!  

Eyeglass Chain 

Glass Chain

Done with your friend losing their eyeglasses every time? Having them wear the pair on their neck will definitely be a game changer. 

Try the eyeglass chains from Ideal Vision! Don’t worry, we made sure the designs are chic and stylish. 

A Gift Certificate 

A Gift Certificate

We can’t really recommend buying prescription glasses or contact lenses for your friend because their eye grade will play a big role in the decision. For this reason, a gift certificate will be one of the best gifts. It won’t only show that you’re thinking of them, but also allow your friend to choose what they really want. 

At Ideal Vision, they offer gift certificates with different price points. Choose from P100 to P1,000 gift certificates and trust the experts to help your friend find the perfect eye item. 

Key Takeaway

Here are some of the perfect gifts for your friend who wears eyeglasses. This Christmas, show your appreciation to that friend who doesn’t exactly have 20/20 vision but is still one of the best people in your life! 

At SM Supermalls, we’ve got #AllYouNeed to make your holidays merrier. What are you waiting for? Head to Owndays, Ideal Vision, George Optical, and Eye Crafter Optical today!

Main photo image credit: @owndaysph | ig

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