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Been finding yourself more and more into the simple and rural lifestyle? Have quarantine restrictions compelled you to take up new craft hobbies? Or perhaps you just crave the outdoors and nature? Well, you’re not alone. 

With the current state of things, it’s no shocker that a lot of people are going through what seems like a move towards finding peace of mind through simplicity—and that’s where cottagecore comes in. Here are proofs that you’re falling into the trend, whether you meant to or not:

You’ve been into activities and things that give you the freedom of the outdoors

Also known as “farmcore” and “countrycore” cottagecore is inspired by Western agricultural life that values simplicity and harmony with nature. A movement towards sustainable living, cottagecore is more than a pretty aesthetic and a lifestyle dedicated to wellness and connectedness.

Escapism from the modern world is a common theme as people look for some form of freedom from technology, materialism and capitalism. If you’re curious about the sudden increase of plantitos and plantitas as well as gardening enthusiasts, now you know why. Interests are not limited to physical activities as many also find the same feeling of release from music, yoga or outdoor meditation. Cue Taylor Swift’s Evermore album ‘cause we’re finding healthy coping mechanisms for happiness and closure to combat our champagne problems. As lame as that whole sentence pun was, I am definitely recommending her recent albums for that total immersion into the core.

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You had this sudden urge to make something in the kitchen or start an art project

Remember when your feed was filled with people baking banana bread and ube pandesal? Yeah, us too. In line with its theme of breaking away from capitalism, people have been finding a sense of relaxation from working and experimenting in the kitchen—and we’re talking more than just Dalgona coffee. With everything being so fast-paced, people are showing a preference for more methodical activities that require focus and time such as making whipped cream, caramel and even boba pearls from scratch. But this preference isn’t limited to kitchen activities as there has been a stark increase in reworking old clothes, embroidery, crocheting and knitting.

Your style has shifted from high fashion chic to something between fairytale and lumberjack

When it comes to visual aesthetics, cottagecore is no stranger to trends as people want to, well, dress up in a way that goes perfectly with their new hobbies. Whimsical yet practical, cottage core fashion looks similar to light academia or princesscore but leans more on the simpler and more comfortable side of style. There seems to be a rise in the popularity of gingham, checks and florals. These prints look good in the summer and complement our cottagecore activities perfectly. Paired with ruffles and eyelet lace and you’ll be looking like a fictional character with a plot set in the woods.

But cottagecore is not all dainty as others have found their wardrobes transforming into a more rough and laid-back style with lots of corduroy, denims, suede and boots. Though prints are big in the aesthetic, plain pieces in neutral and earthy tones are just as favorable and add a more rustic look to this cozy aesthetic people have fallen into. While others have grown fond of the picturesque, others have found entertainment in getting down and dirty with more heavy-duty activities for that real outdoorsy experience. Camping, farming and even wood carving; you gotta have the right attire for these activities, too. 

While the world is forced to adapt to the new normal, there seems to be a stark contrast with how people are reacting to this sudden pressure and we understand why. At a time when dark humor may be favored online, it’s great to see a trend that focuses on the positive side of things. Sustainable, comforting and aesthetically appealing, cottagecore is a trend we’re proud to be on and one we can’t wait to see flourish in the months to come.

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