Yas, Kween!

The social media phenom Mimiyuuuh is the star of the new decade—funny, down-to-earth and ready to bring you fashiuuun

She came, she posed, and she conquered: Mimiyuuuh went from a viral sensation to a media mainstay in just a year. With her humor, iconic look, and easily relatable takes online, it’s no wonder she’s on everyone’s radar. But of course, becoming a public figure is no easy transition. With everyone watching her every move, Mimiyuuuh talks to us about her path to keeping the internet fun with her unapologetic positivity, bold ‘fits, and voice tutorial videos.

Viral beginnings

Of course, it’s impossible not to associate Mimi with one of the biggest online challenges of 2019. This was probably a challenge for the young content creator, because going viral is one of two extremes: you either die a one-hit wonder or you live long enough to be catapulted into internet stardom. Thankfully for Mimiyuuuh, it was the latter.

It can be difficult to imagine that the vlogger has any reservations or moments of self-doubt when you watch her videos. Especially when you witness her friendly interactions with big names in vlogging and mainstream media. When asked which of her collabs left the biggest mark, she shares, “The one and only, Ms. Heart Evangelista. Everything she touches really turns into gold po.”

Finding self-love in self-styling

Above any feelings of self-doubt or intimidation, positivity reigns supreme for the rising vlogger. But she empathizes with people still struggling with confidence. “Accepting your flaws really is one of the hardest things to do but once po na you acknowledge them, no one can use your flaws against you.” Despite being bullied as a child for her sexuality and teeth, she maintains that she never allowed those words to define her.

One way she practices self-love? Confident self-styling. True enough, decked in daring bralettes and bandeaus, Mimi’s unapologetic style and fearless self-expression is a big reason why her following relates to her. Who wouldn’t want to feel that free? As an example, Mimi shares how one of her cops made for an easy go-to staple that gives her an instant boost in style and confidence. After getting an oversized SM Woman coat, she says that even her most basic outfits suddenly feel like a whole new look.

But whether it’s a question of style, confidence or personal branding, Mimiyuuuh’s answer to being consistently fashionable is clear—self-love. When you accept yourself, anything you wear and anything you do will be fearless. This Valentine’s szn, Mimiyuuuh reminds us to show some love to someone very, very important: ourselves. “Para po sa ‘kin, [the] first step to self-love is realization—realization of who you are and your worth. [Put in] effort to please yourself!” She ends, “And I thank you.”


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