Famous Celebrity Virgos That Are So You

Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos are synonymous to perfectionists.

Perfection. That’s one thing every Virgo aspires to reach. Being the mutable earth signs that they are, they never settle for anything below their set of very high standards. Hardworking, dominating, and analytic, it’s no surprise that so many group leaders, editors, and researchers are Virgos.

That being said, not every Virgo is the exact same kind of perfectionist. Each Virgo is unique, and each chooses a different field to excel in. One thing is for sure though: if you’re a Virgo, you’ll definitely stand out in a crowd of people.

So, in celebration of Virgo season, check out our list of four awesome celebrity Virgos that you’ll definitely relate to.

The Queen Bey: Beyonce

American Singer Beyonce

Photo Credit: @beyonce

Birthday: September 4

You can’t make a list of notable Virgos without mentioning the Queen. Beyonce is not your average celebrity, she’s a triple threat with an eye for perfection. Her music is complemented by her dancing, which is fueled by her acting and filmmaking skills. Don’t believe us? Then watch her latest visual album, Black is King, on a Samsung or Apple TV to experience our Queen in her full glory. Warning: if you think you’re the Beyonce of Virgos you may need to tell others to wear a pair of Sunnies sunglasses around you to keep them from going blind.


The All-Around Sweetheart: Jungkook

Jungkook of BTS

Photo Credit: Samsung

Birthday: September 1

Some Virgos can be perfect at one thing, while others can be perfect by mastering many. This is what BTS’ sweetheart, Jungkook, did. Whether it’s rapping, singing, or dancing, he is great at it all. Plus, there’s no denying that he’s quite the cutiepie too! If you’re not sure if you’re the Jungkook of Virgos, you should totally check out some of their music videos on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G BTS Edition smartphone while enjoying a delicious treat from Baskin Robbins! Who knows? You might have more in common with Jungkook than you think!


Fresh-faced Beauty: Zendaya

American Actress Zendaya

Photo Credit: Cover Girl

Birthday: September 1

No one does cool better than young actress Zendaya. From her early Disney days in Shake it Up to her more mature HBO show Euphoria, she’s always been wow-ing her fans by being the best at nearly everything she does, all the while looking extra fab and fresh with a full face of Cover Girl makeup. If you’re a Virgo who just so happens to be effortlessly multitalented, then maybe you can call yourself a Zendaya, especially if you can bust a move in an awesome new pair of sneakers from Nike or World Balance!


The Natural Leader: RM


Photo Credit: Fila

Birthday: September 12

When it comes to leadership, no one does it better than RM of BTS. There’s no denying that the Rap Monster likes to take charge, and serves as their self-appointed kuya. He’s a textbook Virgo: hardworking, diligent, and very good looking. If you’re the type of person who can step into any leadership role easily, and look awesome in an outfit from Fila and kicks from Skechers while doing it, you’re most definitely the RM of Virgos!
Are you convinced of the awesomeness of Virgos yet? While none of these Virgos are exactly the same, they’re all certainly perfect in their own way, and at the end of the day that’s what matters most.
So happy birthday to all the Virgos out there. You guys rock!

Thumbnail image credit: @zendaya | ig
Header image credit: @bts.bighitofficial | ig

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