Look the part before you hang out at Pop’s!

Netflix and chill has become a way of life. If you haven’t seen a particular show, you’re probably missing out. Take Riverdale for instance. The popular series based on the Archie comics continues to draw teens and teens at heart into the lives of Riverdale High kids. If you’re obsessed with the drama going on, why not channel your favorite character ?

1. Betty Cooper

The Key Piece: Long Sleeve Top

Seen as sweet and smart, Betty might be hiding something from us. She can easily get away with it as she enters the scene in her usual casual and ladylike getup. Cop a top that fits the Betty persona and match it with a pair of skinny jeans.

2. Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews

The Key Piece: Cold Shoulder Top (Veronica) and Preppy Cardigan (Archie)

Are you and your S.O. both fans of the show? Make Varchie your style couple inspo. When he’s not on the field, Archie takes off that Riverdale Bulldogs varsity jacket and instead, wears his heart on his sleeve with a preppy cardigan. He likes to put it over the bro-approved shirt and pants combo. As Archie shows his soft side, he gets the attention of Riverdale women including new girl Veronica. Our New Yorker transferee keeps it classy and sassy with a dark, shoulder-baring top. Plus points if a pearl accessory is involved!

3.Jughead Jones

The Key Piece: Two Tone Denim Jacket

If your guy is a man of mystery, let him be the Jughead to your Betty. He can probably relate to the Riverdale outcast as he watches s all the drama from an outsider’s point of view. Let this personality translate in his choice of dark clothing pieces. You can suggest some plot twist by covering up with a two tone denim jacket. Also, don’t forget the gray beanie! Prepare as people might mistake him for Cole Sprouse especially now that the real Jughead Jones is heading to Manila for a Meet and Greet at SM Megamall.

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