Surviving Family Reunions 101: What to Reply to Your Nosy Relatives

Our holiday calendars are filled with get-togethers. It’s a great time to reconnect with family from the always busy siblings, cousins you haven’t seen in a while down to the Titos and Titas who’ll bug you with the usual remarks. Let’s talk about the latter and how you can cleverly leave the hot seat.


Q: Did you gain weight?

A: Yeah and I still look great in this outfit!

Of course, our weight is the first thing they comment on. Put together a gorgeous outfit from Forever 21 and they’ll have nothing more to say. Flawlessly pull off that holiday dress to earn the “Best Dressed” award in your family portrait.


Q: Ooh, who gave you that ring? Are you finally getting married?

A: I don’t need a man to put a ring on this, Tita.

Show them how strong and independent you are by treating yourself to glistening jewelry from Pandora. With beautifully designed pieces, why settle for a ring when you can also afford the necklace and bracelets to complement your class?


Q: Kids these days always spend too much. Do you even have savings?

A: I’m way ahead of you, Tito!

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