Virtual date 101: How to look good for your V-date without really trying

Dress code check: A virtual date is not an excuse to not dress up

It’s T-minus four days until Valentine’s Day and everyone’s out rush buying and preparing for their dates and surprises. If you’re one of us busy bees who have  no time to leisurely go out and shop for your V-Day plans and are now frantic, well, stop panicking and breathe…

Because you’re in for a treat as SM Supermalls finally has an app which makes mall shopping quick and easy for us hustlers—it’s much safer than going out too! 

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Now back to you and  your V-Day plans on what to do and what to gift your S.O. Another thought: Do you know what to wear?

Being stuck at home is not a jail sentence where you’re forced to lounge around in  boring clothes and regular house wear. In fact, staying at home and meeting with people online actually gives you the liberty to dress up and look  glamorous because I mean, who says you can’t wear this or that at home? No one! Bury yourself in jewellery and sport those glittery smokey eyes you’ve been wanting to try. (Psst. Banila Co. and A’pieu are having a sale so you might want to grab yourself some goodies before it’s too late!) No creeps nor judgmental people. It’s just you and your chosen person who accepts you for you.

Glamchic big stone earrings from Guess

Ever bought a dress you totally fell in love with but realized you didn’t have enough confidence to wear? Well, now is its time to shine! Wear those over the top clothes and do a catwalk for your bae and I guarantee that you’ll  not only be feeling good about yourself but your partner will enjoy the show as well.

Bessy one shoulder bow dress from Ever New 

Having a virtual date gives you the advantages of social media in the sense that you have the power to choose what you want to show. Fix that one small corner in your room and the person on the other side wouldn’t know that the rest of your room is in shambles. Play with lighting and set-up to accentuate your favorite features for that filter-like contouring. Look sensual in deep necklines with enhanced collarbones and popping cleavage created by your new best friend, shadow contouring.

Flounce hem cami dress from Forever 21

What’s great about dating through a screen is that it cuts down dress up time in half! No more coordination troubles and no need to wear pants—well, maybe not all the time, but you get the point. Put all your energy and creativity into your looks, from the waist up, and you’ll find yourself wearing  extra fire than usual. 

Talent cardigan from CLN

Catch your #LuckInLoveAtSM and take advantage of all the shopping promos and buy one take one offers from your favorite food places to achieve your perfect quarantine Valentine’s experience. Get up to 67 percent off and exclusive shop gifts when you shop using the SM Malls Online app. Did we mention free shipping privileges until March 31, 2021 for credit or debit card payment?


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