Top 30 Fashion Trends

1. Get oh so Orange!

Get bold and daring in this bright and hot color! Show off the light that shines inside you in more ways than one. Just in time for summer, too, don’t you think?

2. Victorian Throwback

Feeling fancy? 2016 is bringing back England’s Victorian-era ruffles, puffy sleeves, high collar or shoulder-low necklines, and lots of flowers.

3. Cold Shoulders

Show off those sassy shoulders with cut outs on tops and dresses.

4. Get the X-Factor

Looks like showing off shoulders will be the thing this year. This off-the-shoulder look combines neck straps and drooping fabrics around the neckline or on the sleeves.

5. Lace ’em up!

Pretty, dainty, and deliciously sexy – lace fashion this year will let you “see-through” just enough to make the imagination get up and running.

6. Wear White… again!

Explore the wonders of white pieces this year for that clean and elegant look.

7. 70s Rock Band Chic

Go from rocker chick to rock chic with pieces reminiscent of Woodstock, the Beatles, and the glorious 70s. Throw on mixed prints, flowery chiffon dresses, high-waist skirts and pants, fringe and suede jackets, and a colorful headband for good measure.

8. Art-sy

Don’t be afraid to go out of the norm and show that artful soul with mixed pieces – crazy prints, belts, sequins, lace, tassles, basically anything that makes you go “ooohhh, shiny! I can wear that!”

9. Pretty Pleats

We’re cutting back on the big pleats that were so uhm, huge last year. This year, expect tinier and tighter pleats that will give you that long, flowing look.

10.Fun Flats

Chic and comfy mule flats? Yes please!

11. Get Low

While the 70s high-waist style is still trending, you can go the other way this year and let everything hang low. Wear low-waist, wide-leg trousers that let you bring back some of that sassy hip-hop 90s spirit.

12. Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

Borrowing a line from Rihanna, this trend will make you “shine bright like a diamond”!

13. Cast your Net

Get caught up in this trend with netted pieces.

14. Show your Stripest

Stripes are here to stay. We just can’t get enough!

15. Knit Knacks

Why knot?

16. Wrap Up!

Play around with wrap skirts this year!

17. Lovely Lingerie

This normally bedroom-only clothing will now get their day in the outside world. Uhm, isn’t that awkward? Not when you see these redesigned lace and satin pieces!

18. Get all Tied Up!

Show off your figure and accentuate your flowy dresses, skirts, and pants with belts, sashes, and ribbons.

19. Fringe Benefits

Get the style benefits of trendy fringes!

20. Life’s a breeze

Long, flowy, breezy silhouettes on dresses, tops, and trousers will keep you cool throughout 2016.

21. Down for Denim

Denim shirts, pants, jackets, shoes – any day is denim day!

22. Robe Me Up

Don’t you just wish you can bring your soft and comfy bathrobe with you anywhere? Guess what, this year, redesigned robes will keep you warm and stylish wherever you go!

23. Dying to Tie-Dye

Another proof of the 70s’ staying power: colorful tie-dyed everything!

24. The Power of Plaid

Are you a fan of plaid? This year, big plaid patterns will be huge! Yay!

25. Sexy Slip Dresses

Feel instantly sexy with a black slip dress. Simple, easy, timeless.

26. Be a Belle in Bell Sleeves

Billowy sleeves will keep you fresh and breezy even when they’re long. Pair it with practically everything – shorts, skirts, jeans, slacks!

27. Mix & Match Metallics

A little patch of gold, silver, platinum, and other metallic hues never hurt anyone!

28. Half-Moon Bags

Remember the bucket bags? A new shape will take 2016 by storm! The half-moon bag is perfect for a casual day out or a fancy night out.

29. Backpacks

The humble backpack had a stylish makeover in the past few years and will continue to have its place in fashion this year.

30. Tiara Trial

Feeling like royalty today? By all means, put your tiara on!

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