Tinted glasses aren’t just for aesthetics

A pair of tinted eyeglasses is the 2021 style staple everyone needs to cop—and you can’t change our minds. It adds an eye-catching touch to our otherwise plain T-shirt-and-jeans outfit, and it also gives our usual all-black OOTDs a refreshing pop of color. Not to mention, it draws attention to our eyes, which, in this era of face masks, now serve as our face’s main attraction.

But aside from their aesthetic purpose, did you know that some eyeglass tints can actually help improve certain visual elements? 

Yes, tinted eyeglass lenses are capable of controlling things like brightness and contrast, as well as softening or improving the lighting conditions in particular environments. For starters, here are five “colors with a purpose” you should consider for your tinted glasses.


Rose-tinted glasses from George Optical

We know that the idiom “seeing the world through rose-colored glasses” pertains to taking an optimistic view on life, and it looks like there’s an actual reason behind it. According to a study, red tinted lenses help raise a certain component in our brain’s visual area that respond to emotional events. Because of this, we can possibly feel more energized in the middle of doing exhausting work when wearing red-tinted glasses.

Furla Eyewear from Ideal Vision Center

Aside from this, the color also helps reduce glare and eye strain. It can reportedly block blue light as well, which makes it even better for people who are always in front of their computers.


Gray-tinted glasses from Executive Optical

If you prefer sticking to the “natural color” of your environment, gray lenses are your best bet. This neutral hue is just as good as clear-tinted glasses, but it reduces brightness and glare as an added benefit.


Police Revo Eyeglass from YES – Your Eyewear Specialist

Many eyeglasses used for sports often come in tints of yellow, and that’s because it is excellent at giving objects better depth both indoors and outdoors. For non-athletes, yellow-tinted lenses are apparently good for those who want to improve their reading speed and response time as well. 

It also protects your eyes from short wavelength lights, preventing vision damage and eye strain especially for people who are often exposed to electronic devices. But, fair warning: Yellow-tinted glasses may distort colors in some objects, too.


Blue-tinted glasses from Executive Optical

Blue is already a relaxing color, but its ability to reduce glare and provide a clear view even in misty and foggy conditions will soothe your eyes even more. It also helps you perceive the colors and contours of an object better, ensuring crystal clear vision no matter what.


Amber-tinted glasses from Owndays

Do you have an active lifestyle? Or are you just fond of spending time outdoors? Then brown and amber lenses will surely suit you. It reduces glare during sunny days and even amplifies contrast when you’re looking at blue skies and greeneries. During cloudy weather, it’s also capable of making your surroundings appear brighter.

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