3 Organizing Hacks You Should Do

Have you watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? The home makeover show features a lot of organizing hacks. We got inspired to put things where they should be–the #KonMari way–so we can start 2019 right. Here are some must-have items to get started:


1. For your bag: A Pouch Set

Sometimes, it’s a struggle to go through stuff if your everyday bag isn’t organized from the inside. Let this pouch set from SM Accessories sort it out for you. Put your keys, cards, chargers, and hygiene kit in order, one pouch after another. Now you never have to take more than a second getting just what you need.


2. For your space: An Open Shelf

Find the confidence in cooking this year with a neat kitchen setup. Check out this open shelf from SM Home. It makes kitchenware accessible and ready for the new recipe you’ve been wanting to try. Arrange items according to size or category so the shelf won’t look chaotic or intimidating.


3. For your phone: The Money Lover App

This year, you’re finally going to be the financially responsible adult you want to be. Get the Money Lover App on your Oppo F7 to track your expenses. You can easily input the money that goes in and out of your wallet in just a few clicks. There’s the notifs setting for your monthly bills, a savings plan to help achieve your financial goals and a scan receipt function to track your purchases!

All items are available at an SM Supermall near you!

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