These kinds of jewelry will make any basic outfit stand out with style

Transform your look with simple but stylish accessories

Accessories can transform any outfit from “blah” to beautiful. You can either stick with an eye-catching piece of jewelry as your staple signature accessory or keep a collection of different necklaces, bracelets and earrings for easy mixing and matching.

Here are three kinds of jewelry that can help you dress to impress, plus our recommended shops to cop each timeless piece.


Lustre Tonal Bracelet from Gemline

Add flair to your OOTD with gemstones that sparkle under the sun. Pair different stones with your current aesthetic or mood or stick to certain gems like orange citrine and aquamarine crystals that flatter any style and skin tone.

Check out the new Lustre Collection from Gemline, which you can order online at their official website. The collection includes the Lustre Tonal Bracelet, Feather Pearl Bracelet, Amethyst CZ Antoinette Drops, Antoinette Drop Earrings and Lustre Crystal Bracelet.


Gold, silver and other metal accessories are perfect for those who prefer classic jewelry. They complement just about any outfit, regardless of color or style. 

Perfect for minimalists, silver jewelry is lightweight and durable. Choose from a wide variety of reasonably-priced fine silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings at Silverholic to complete your everyday look.

At Gems and Jewels, you can spend less on classic pieces with the following deals: There’s a 10% discount on all items for purchases P5,000 and above, and for purchases P4,999 and below, a 5% discount is on offer. Note that these deals don’t apply to wedding rings.

Cartier bangle from Chin Chin Jewelries

For those who want to keep it lowkey, opt for elegant accessories with minimalistic designs like gold bangles. The simple, solid gold band design makes it easy for the bangle to match any outfit, may it be a corporate suit, semi-formal dress or casual blouse and pants.

Cop this Cartier bangle and other items from Chin Chin Jewelries now to add a timeless sparkle to your OOTD.


Bracelets and necklaces from Gems & Designs

When it comes to making a bold statement, you can’t go wrong with beaded jewelry on your wrist and neck. It’s the best accessory to give your outfit a pop of color, and you can even add volume to your look by layering  chunky beaded jewelry.

Shop different beaded bracelets and necklaces to incorporate in your daily outfits now at Gems & Designs.

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