These 4 Rainy Day Styling Tips Are All You Need To Know

Comfort and style should not be at the opposite ends of the spectrum; they should work hand-in-hand. It gets tricky, though, when you need certain functional items during the rainy season. But while the colors of summer may seem off, along with a few, sunny-day-appropriate textures, there’s no excuse for looking drab.

In fact, the rainy season is the best excuse to go for layering when it comes to your outfit. It also is the best time to incorporate unlikely pops of color to break the blacks and grays we gravitate to during this time of the year.

Let us take you piece by piece, from head to toe, on how not to let the rain dampen your style.

1. A colorful backpack

A colorful backpack helps when you need to bring everything with you: an umbrella, a raincoat, emergency flip-flops, and more. It instantly livens up any of your ensembles and keeps your hands free.

Must Have: Herschel Town backpack in Winetasting .

2. Your trusty skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple. The sewn-in pleats in the sides add an edgy touch. In a neutral tone, this piece won’t be hard to style and would fit in at almost any office setting.

Must Have: H&M Skinny Jeans

3. A tracksuit

Ever since it made a splash in fashion, athleisure has become a staple look for everyday wear. When you think about it, a combination like this works not only during gym days but also when it’s cloudy outside. Say hello to your casual Friday dress code with style.

Must Have: Zara jogging bomber jacket and pants with stripes

4. Stylish boots

Boots don’t just help you cross streets submerged in ankle-deep flooding; they can look cute as well. When wearing trousers, you can go for a pair with a more classic look, such as these ones from H&M, which you can also wear with a dress and a jacket.

Must Have: H&M ankle boots

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