The Pisces Girl As Told By Fashion

It’s Pisces season! Whether you’re born a Pisces or know someone who is, we found a chic wardrobe for the most creative woman in the zodiac. Check out the Unica Signs of Summer collection’s interpretation of what the Pisces girl is all about.


#1: She’s creative

Featured: Unica Padme Top

The Pisces girl is incredibly imaginative. She’s a creative soul who isn’t afraid to express herself. She likes to play with unconventional patterns as seen in her blouse selection. At the same time, she’s highly intuitive and rarely let down by her instincts. No wonder a Pisces is destined for a creative career.


#2: She’s romantic


Featured: Unica Pebbles Dress

As a partner, there’s no other sign as sensitive and empathetic as a Pisces girl. She loves whole-heartedly and is also known as the ultimate romantic in the zodiac. Pisces easily falls under a love spell and doesn’t shy away from it. She doesn’t mind wearing her heart on her sleeves—or in this case, a sweet-looking pink dress with a chic bow collar complement. It’s the ultra-feminine date night outfit straight out of a chick flick.


#3: She’s an old soul


Featured: Unica Paloma Top

The Pisces girl is more invested in deep conversations than trivial things. She prefers simplicity and comfort than being with the “in crowd.” Stylish trends don’t sway her. She keeps it easy just like this casual combo of a light, fancy top and white capris perfect for a low-key day. Once the Pisces girl finds something that works for her, she really commits to it. You’ll definitely see her wearing this ensemble.

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