Let’s investigate!

There’s a guy you like. And you can’t help but think about the possibility of being romantically involved with this person. Friends have already heard stories about him thanks to your incessant rambling. Is he really worthy of your time and energy? Check out these signs.

Exhibit A: 

Men have different styles. We get it. Some guys dig a polished look a la James Dean or a laidback getup that requires growing the beard. Whatever aesthetic he chooses, booking an appointment at Bruno’s Barbers shouldn’t sound foreign to him.

Exhibit B:

A girl boss like you deserves a man with a plan. Get you a guy who has ambition! It’s not just about the physical attraction. Admiring a potential beau for his genius is something else. Sure, he spends longer hours on his MacBook laptop but that’s only because he’s developing some game-changing ideas. If you can relate to his impressive work ethic, well congratulations because you’ve met your match.

Exhibit C: 

This guy can crack a joke or two. He has the funniest IG stories taken on his Asus ZenFone 5. (We won’t judge you for hitting that follow button.) It would be nice to hang out with a person that has the same humor as you. And as long as he doesn’t play with your heart, he’s definitely a catch.

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