Summer Shopping Tips Every Fashion Girl Should Know

Update your look in 5 easy steps

Even if we don’t exactly have four seasons here in the Philippines, our climate requires some wardrobe changes every now and then. This is especially true when summer swings around. The hot sun demands that we stow away the bomber jackets that kept us warm since December and trade in our boots for sandals. Don’t forget to bust out the shades!

Summer also happens to be special, as new designs and prints come out just for the season. It feels like the colors available double and so do the styles. What are you supposed to do when you’re out shopping to update your look? Worry not, we’ve got five easy tips for you. Bring them along with your shopping list!

1. Buy shoes a half-size or a full size larger.

Why? Heat makes our feet expand so you might be surprised if your shoes rub a little or feel uncomfortable in the sun. If you’re sporting sneakers like the new Adidas Deerupt Runner in White Pink, getting a larger size also helps when you wear socks so the fit is just right.

2. Choose your fabrics.

Sweat, humidity, and plain heat will affect you even more if your clothes are made from sub-par fabrics. The weather demands fabrics that are comfortable, well-made, and even are specially designed for the sun. Think of Uniqlo’s AIRism Seamless Short Sleeve T which absorbs your sweat quickly, stretchable, and anti-odor, too.

3. Transform your clothes.

Old jeans can be given a second life by cutting them into shorts. Long sleeved shirts can be knotted into a cropped top. Less is certainly more this summer. Start with your trusty pair of jeans from Guess USA and see how many clothes you can make summer-ready.

4. Scoop up versatile accessories.

You can update your clothes via accessories or just by wearing them differently. A long scarf can be a bikini top when you’re just chilling in your hut, while simple shirts can transition from day to night with said same scarf. Pick up a checked oblong scarf from Forever21 to see what we mean.

5. Scour for the perfect Sunnies.

Speaking of accessories, sunglasses will be your best friend this summer. They bring quite a twist to the most basic look. Plus, they tend to always lend a cool vibe, don’t you think? Keep an eye out for Sunnies Studios’ Kelsey shades in Coconut to look your best this season.


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