Style Staples For The Rainy Weather

Gents, don’t let the rain dampen your style

June came in with a thunderstorm. Perhaps as an apology for the particularly hot summer we had. While the cool weather and the pitter patter of rain at night is a pleasant change, we got a bit caught off guard when it comes to our rainy season fashion.

Guys, it’s time to trade in the trendy printed shirts. The jackets need to come out and a few more changes are in order. If you’re getting a bit confused, don’t you worry. All you need to do is pick up a few items to integrate into your closet.

1. Add on to your wardrobe

Whether you’re going to work or to a night-out, a jacket elevates an outfit and keeps you warm during that commute. Get the MangoQuilted Bomber Jacket to add texture to your look, too.

2. Get smart

Smart dressing not only involves how you look but also how your skin feels. Uniqlo’s AIRism technology as found in these Crew Neck Shirts protect your skin with its soft feel, DRY technology, Cool Touch, stretch, anti-microbial, and self-deodorization features.

3. Extra protection

Thick comfortable socks are great whether at home or outdoors. They keep your feet warm and those boots comfy. Pick up a couple of pairs of these Jacquard-knit socks from H&M that are of a soft cotton blend.

4. Made for walking

Boots are the right, if not the only choice, of footwear as the rain keeps pouring. You can look both practical and stylish in them. Try to pick up a nice pair from SM Milanos for a style that suits your spirit.

5. The right pair

Look comfortable and ready for anything with a pair of pants that are good any season. Zara’s Jogging Trousers with Side Stripes will easily find a place among your other clothes morning, noon, and night.


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