How To Have A Stress-Free Christmas Shopping At SM Malls

Mornings are becoming colder and sales are becoming hotter as the most awaited celebration nears. Are you ready to conquer your gift list but worry about the stress? Here are five tips on how you can have a stress-free shopping this Christmas.

1.Check your list twice

Make sure everyone close to you gets a token this season by making a list. Santa has one, so should you! You don’t want to go shopping and find out later that you missed getting something for your best buddy, or getting the wrong gift. Also, make sure you have done your research regarding prices, and have a handful of alternative choices in case your option is out of stock.

2. The early bird catches the best gifts


Don’t wait for an item to go on sale if that is the best gift that you can get for one of your loved ones; it might not be there when you get back. Make sure that gift is yours to give by shopping ahead of the pack. Best to buy your items on a weekday. Mall hours this season are extended so you can easily drop by.

3. Divide and conquer

If you set sail on sale days, anticipate the waves of shoppers and grab your own crew to help you find your treasures. Have specific assignments: one focuses on toys, another checks out gadgets, another scopes out clothes, etc.

4. Don’t be hangry

Anticipating queues at the the counter? Make sure you’re well fed beforehand so you don’t get hangry (hungry + angry) while in line. Grab a bite at at your favorite mall restaurants so you’re physically charged for your shopping spree.

5. Remember that the season is all about giving

Extend your generosity from your gift list to various charities just in time for Christmas. Not only does it feel great, but you’re actually helping efforts to make lives of many beneficiaries much better. The bears of joy is a project by SM Cares where from P200, SM donates one Teddy Bear to a child and you get to keep another bear.

There are many more ways to enjoy shopping: have your favorite tunes playing at the background, or think of carrying those bags as an extra workout, or meet with friends between shopping sprees to have coffee or have a foot massage at the mall. Just know that you can always turn any chore into a fun and stress-free activity with a little positivity, and that Christmas is all about giving.

-photos by SMCares-

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