You deserve to be celebrated!

There’s always that one friend who looks out for everyone. Parents trust her more than their own kids. After all, she is responsible enough to be the last one to get wasted. She can be the designated driver who’ll drop every passenger off at their respective homes, making sure everyone gets in safe. She’s a real trooper and she could be you. Check out these signs to see if you’re a certified Mom friend!

1. You always go extra with accessories.

Others see you as uptight because of the way you accessorize. There’s no shame in that. Put on the H&M scarf when it gets chilly outside or the posh Zara rectangle sunglasses when it gets too bright for the eyes. Always best to pack them in your Mango shopper bag (Plus alcohol and wet wipes!) because you’ll never know who needs it!

2. You’re the official makeup artist.

There’s a party around the corner and gal pals call you for an emergency: they need help with makeup! You’re probably good at doing your brows with Benefit Goof Poof Eyebrow Pencil or winging that cat eye effect using the K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner. Both products deliver well thanks to the waterproof formula that lasts for hours. Add your steady hands because you’re always on point with the application. No wonder the gals peg you to do their looks. Being the stage Mom friend you are, you’ll definitely be there.

3. You’re the planner of all gimmicks.

Those out-of-town trips won’t be possible without you. The whole squad knows it. You’re the responsible one, always keeping track of seat sales and everyone’s schedules. Everything has to be organized so you get help from travel agencies like SPI Ticket Express in assisting with tickets, visa applications, hotel bookings and the actual tour! Call it OC but that’s why your friends love you.

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