Real World Advice Your Teenage Self Would Thank You For

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We hear you: adulting can be hard when work and life matters pile up one after another. Despite the stress,these struggles help you become someone your younger self would be proud of. Look back on the awesome life advice you wish you already knew in your teens.

#1: Dress for yourself.

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Fashion is self-expression. You don’t always have to think about what others say about your OOTD. It’s staying true to your identity and living your own aesthetic. Take the first step in curating your style with ForMe pieces you can mix and match according to your vibe. A denim jacket makes a good investmentwhether you’re wearing it over a chic top or a sporty dress.

#2: Make time for passion projects.

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Adulthood also means working 9 to 5 daily and losing time for things you used to genuinely enjoy. Having a passion project on the side can be your little sanity break from a demanding sched. Maybe it’s time to finally turn that creative vision into a reality with a little help from Art Bar.You can start by crafting little DIY projects like revamping old plant pots or practicing watercolor calligraphy.

#3: You should start taking care of your skin sooner than you think.

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Don’t wait for wrinkles to show up before you start on your skincare regimen. As early as your teenage years, you should begin investing in a beauty routine that works for you. With a wide range of selection fit for any skin troubles such as dryness, dullness, and lack of moisture, you can easily put on The Solution Face Mask from The Face Shop.It promises immediate skin relief even when you’re busy pulling an all-nighter for school.

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