Outfit Ideas To Dress A Little Bit Better This 2021

While you might be tempted to just throw on any clothing you see in the closet, the start of the year marks new beginnings. This is the perfect time to step up your fashion game because some seriously stylish trends are being unveiled. Ditch the usual sweatpants getup and let these outfit ideas for 2021 inspire you to dress better. 

We made sure these looks are ~aesthetic~ and Insta-worthy too! 

Upgrade Your Usual Top By Layering

Denim Jacket from Regatta
Image Credit: Regatta | Website

If you didn’t already know, layering is the newest fashion trend. 

A denim jacket is ideal for layering. To nail the casual urban style, take the Regatta Denim Jacket and add a plain hoodie underneath it. If you think that layering that much clothing is impossible under the Philippine weather, wearing thinner fabrics just might work in your favor. 

Unbuttoned Cardigans

The key to dressing a little bit better is wearing basic clothing pieces with a new approach. Grab your favorite cardigan and leave one or two of the bottom buttons. If you want to go for a feminine vibe with a touch of retro, pair it with a plaid skirt like this one from Just G!  

Baggy Pants 

Baggy pants from Oxygen
Image Credit: OXGN | Website

If there is one trend that could be seen on our favorite stars, influencers, and even supermodels, it would be baggy garments. Make no mistake! We don’t mean your sweatpants but wide-leg denim pants, culottes, and stylish slacks.  

Baggy pants are a welcome change from flashy outfits. It is also stylish enough to complement a wide variety of fashion pieces. For instance, you can wear the OXGN Light Wash Straight Cut Jeans with a cropped top to complement your body frame. 

Then, throw down some stunning ankle boots. Don’t know where to find a high-quality and stylish pair? We’re living for these coveted heeled boots from Primadonna! 

Urban Street Style Outfits  

Street style is certainly making waves in the fashion scene lately. Aren’t you just in love with Blackpink Lisa’s street style? For 2021, take the chance to dress better by recreating her style. Pair these People are People sports track shorts with a graphic tee and chunky shoes. 

 Plain and Prints Frou Belt Bag
Image Credit: Plains and Prints | Website

Accessorize away with this Plain and Prints Frou Belt Bag. Trust us, you’ll be embodying that urban vibe along with a hands-free kind of glam.

Vintage Dresses 

Vintage dress from Plains and Prints and mules

Want to try a feminine and elegant look? Wearing this lovely vintage dress from Plains and Prints offers a pretty silhouette and timeless flair to your closet. It features a classic A-line dress with a beautiful metal buckle accent securing the waist to a beautiful shape. 

For a quick start, try matching it with casual footwear like this Fioni Women’s Buckle Mule from Payless for an outfit that’s worthy of grazing classic Vogue magazines. 

Long Pleated Skirts 

Long pleated skirts are making a huge comeback so don’t miss the hype! Wear it the regular way and it will exude a classy and conservative look that falls nothing short of aesthetic. Match a pleated skirt with a cozy sweater tucked in. 

Dr Kong Sandals
Image Credit: Dr. Kong | Website

The latest fashion trends suggest pairing pleated skirts with sneakers. So take the pastel pink sandals from Dr. Kong and create a casual femme look. To complete the casual femme look, consider using a warm shade of lipstick like the Happy Skin Dew Cooling Lip & Cheek Tint In Latte Fix.

Linen Shirts

Linen shirt from Kamiseta
Image Credit: Kamista | Website | Le Jean De Marithé François | Instagram

Linen shirts are great business casual tops, especially during the summer season. But what many fail to realize is that it makes for a fashionable and laid-back vibe.

Combine the Kamiseta Aimee linen shirt with some fashionable slacks and mules. Then, carry this bright Le Jean De Marithé François + Girbaud backpack. You just might be surprised at how you got a sophisticated ensemble that can be worn for strolling in the city, lounging at cafes, and even on summer getaways. It’s an outfit that maximizes comfort and style! 

Accessorize with Hair Pins 

It’s clear that a popular focal point of 2020 are hair pains and we don’t see the trend stopping anytime soon. Be inspired by how YeJi from ITZY crisscrossed her hairpins freshly and adorably. The colorful hairpins also allowed her to stand out more. Whether it’s colorful, full of gems, or plain black hairpins — head to Broadway Gems because they have it all for you!   

Key Takeaway

Here are eight outfit ideas for 2021 you can recreate today! There is so much you can do to dress a little bit better for the new year. All you need is a little creativity to explore various fashion possibilities. 

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